Chiefs Analyst: Mahomes' Contract Good For Both Sides

The Kansas City Chiefs signed Patrick Mahomes to a historic contract Monday – and both sides won, Carrington Harrison says

July 07, 2020 - 8:05 am
Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl Chiefs

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Patrick Mahomes signed the most lucrative deal in NFL history on Monday, inking a 10-year, $450 million extension with the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes, 24, will receive $140 million guaranteed.

“Everybody knew this day was going to come,” Kansas City 610 radio host Carrington Harrison told JR SportBrief. “I think [the reaction] was shock just on how much the contract was. This entire time, I thought Pat was going to sign a five-year, $200 million – maybe $205 million – deal and get $150 million guaranteed and sign the richest contract in the history of the league. Obviously he signed for way more than that.”

Indeed, there are no losers in this deal; only winners.

“I think this is being viewed in Kansas City as one of those deals that's really good for both sides,” Harrison said. “I look at this as a win for the Kansas City Chiefs. I think Pat’s going to be the best player, if not one of the five best players, in the NFL for the next 12 seasons. So you have that locked up and you know what it’s going to cost. And if you’re Patrick Mahomes, what more could you ask for? You get $10 million today and basically the way they’ve structured the deal he gets these enormous roster bonuses at the beginning of every March. So basically over the next six years, he gets $50 million every March 15. That sounds like a pretty good gig.”

Mahomes, the tenth overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, is one of six quarterbacks to sign a contract for a decade or longer in the last 20 years. The others are Drew Bledsoe, Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb, Daunte Culpepper, and Michael Vick. 

“The Kansas City Chiefs have the franchise quarterback in the NFL,” Harrison said. “If you’re talking about one player that every team in the NFL wants, if they started a random football league and they drafted players, Mahomes would go No. 1. You have the guy that, I would say now behind LeBron James, he is the face of American sports.”

Mahomes was named NFL MVP in his first season as a starter and won a Super Bowl – and was named Super Bowl MVP – in his second year as a starter.

How many Super Bowls will he win?

“I think by the end of this Pat gets to three [rings],” Harrison said. “I think it’s a little bit unrealistic to think anybody is going to get to six and then go to nine the way that Brady did. That Patriots’ run, I always hate how sometimes you talk about how things are once in a generation or once in a lifetime – and then when that lifetime ends, you then expect somebody to do it that quickly. I don’t think that’s how it’s going to work. If you had to ask me today, I think Pat goes to four or five and wins three.”