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The Jim Rome Podcast

145 - Mark Madsen - 9/30/2020

Wednesday, September 30th
Mark Madsen on coaching during COVID, a draft day call from Phil Jackson, going against Shaq in practice, remembering Kobe, why Mike is the GOAT, LeBron's...
The Jim Rome Podcast

144 - Steve Smith Sr. - 9/23/2020

Wednesday, September 23rd
Steve Smith, Sr. on the work-from-home vibe, wanting to rent an RV, getting in touch with nature, hiking, listening to podcasts, resetting himself everytime he...
The Jim Rome Podcast

143 - Nick Hardwick - 9/16/2020

Wednesday, September 16th
Nick Hardwick on feeling gratitude every day, living with no regrets, playing with Brees and Rivers, how radio kept him sharp, why he re-wired his mind for...
The Jim Rome Podcast

142 - Drew Hanlen - 9/9/2020

Wednesday, September 9th
Drew Hanlen on training a 13-year-old Bradley Beal, self-publishing a book while still in high school, his obsession with film, shocking the system and stiff-...
The Jim Rome Podcast

141 - Dhani Jones - 9/2/2020

Wednesday, September 2nd
Dhani Jones on getting reacquainted with your grit, loving the Midwest, American's open wounds, raising $100 million for COVID relief, potential NFL protests,...
The Jim Rome Podcast

140 - The Good Brothers - 8/26/2020

Wednesday, August 26th
The Good Brothers! Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows on getting rich, getting fired, and getting right the hell back up. This isn't a wrestling podcast. This is...