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Brady v Mahomes (Hour 3)

Tuesday, January 15th
Taz and Moose start the final hour of the show with "The Three" biggest headlines of day! Murray enters the NFL draft, Jets strange presser and Cuse upsets...

You like the shoes? (Hour 3)

Monday, January 14th
Taz and Moose start up the third hour with "The Three" biggest headlines of the morning! A whip arond the NFL and all the MLB rumblings. Former Saints and...

No Luck in KC (Hour 2)

Monday, January 14th
Taz and Moose dive back into all the playoff goodness! How about those Patriots! The Chargers get smacked around and the Pats are moving on. How did this...

Saints go marching on (Hour 1)

Monday, January 14th
Now there are 4! Taz and Moose look back at all the divisional games from over the weekend starting the Saints comeback win vs the Eagles. Can the Saints be...