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What are you doing AD? (Hour 1)

Friday, February 15th
Anthony Davis is back in the news, he has a boo boo! So now what? The Pelicans, NBA and Anthony Davis are all in a weird spot. Taz and Moose breakdown the...

1v1 Joe v Case (Hour 2)

Friday, February 15th
Great to have former Panthers QB Jake Delhomme hop on with Taz and Moose to start the second hour of the show. Covering topics like Kyler Murray, Tom Brady and...

Chef Moose (Hour 3)

Friday, February 15th
"The Three" biggest headlines of the day get your third and final hour of the show ready! AD acting like a child, Adam Silver to the NFL? How much for Colin...

The Flacco impact (Hour 1)

Thursday, February 14th
Big news coming down yesterday, Joe Flacco dealt to the Broncos! Was it a good trade for Denver? What does this all mean for Case Keenum? Taz and Moose debate...

V-Day! Bench! Cut! Start!

Thursday, February 14th
Taz and Moose get you and your loved one prepared for Valentines Day! Bench! Cut! Start! style. Dinner time...what do you do? Cook in? Take out? Dine out? The...