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Aikman the GM? (Hour 2)

Thursday, December 12th
Taz and Moose get the second hour of the show rolling talking the latest from Roger Goodell who spoke to the media. How and when will the commissioner handle...

Money, money and more money! (Hour 1)

Thursday, December 12th
Taz and Moose get the show started talking about another big signing in Major League Baseball. Anthony Rendon is going to the Angels. Plus, how much money has...

Need a hug? (Hour 3)

Thursday, December 12th
Taz and Moose get the third hour of the show started with "The Three" biggest headlines of the day. Rendon to the Angels, Roger Goodell speaks and the return...

Cole gets paid (Hour 1)

Wednesday, December 11th
Taz and Moose start the show talking about the monster contract for Gerrit Cole who is headed to the Yankees. How did Moose know he would sign a 9-year...

Fry life (Hour 2)

Wednesday, December 11th
Taz and Moose start the second hour of the show talking about fry's! Moose his experience at McDonald's and what are the best take out fry's? Le'Veon Bell...