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Are you in or out AB? (Hour 1)

Monday, August 19th
Taz and Moose are back together again to get your work week started. The Antonio Brown drama just never ends! The GM of the Raiders, Mike Mayock has some...

Camp time kids (Hour 2)

Monday, August 19th
Taz and Moose kick off the second hour with "The Camp Grounds" The guys go around NFL training camp for the biggest stories of the weekend. Injuries for the...

Oh Antonio (Hour 3)​

Monday, August 19th
Taz and Moose kick start the third hour of the show with "Thee Three" biggest headlines of the day. We hear from the Raiders GM about Antonio Brown, Jerry...

Concern level for Kyler Murray (Hour 1)

Friday, August 16th
Taz and Zach Gelb (Filling in for Moose) start the show talking about the poor performance from Kyler Murray. How concerned should Cardinals fans be about the...

Camping time (Hour 2)

Friday, August 16th
Taz and Zach Gelb (Filling in for Moose) start the second hour of the show with "The Camp Grounds" Taz and Zach hit up the biggest stories in the NFL. What is...