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Taz and Moose NFL Picks Week 15

Friday, December 14th
Taz is hot! Coming in at 25-14-3 and on a monster win streak! Moose is falling behind now at 20-21-1 on the season. Listen to find out who the guys like in...

Chargers are on fire! (Hour 1)

Friday, December 14th
Taz and AB (Filling in for Moose) kick off the show talking about the huge win for the Chargers in KC! Was it smart to go for 2? Would you do that again? Are...

Pain to Heller! (Hour 2)

Friday, December 14th
Taz and AB (Filling in for Moose) continue the conversation regarding D.J. Durkin reportedly landing a job with Alabama as a 'consultant'. Some of the great...

Fred is back! (Hour 3)

Friday, December 14th
"The Three" biggest headlines of day kick off the third and final hour of the show. Taz and AB (Filling in for Moose) chat about the huge Chargers win, the...

Angry at Flacco! (Hour 1)

Thursday, December 13th
Taz and AB (Filling in for Moose) kick off the show talking about big bad Bryce Harper! Will he ever sign? Why is it taking so long for him to find a team?...