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The Jim Rome Podcast

131 - David Boreanaz - 5/27/2020

Wednesday, May 27th
David Boreanaz on becoming a Philly fan, choosing acting over sports, auditioning against Bradley Cooper, working on Married With Children, shadowing SEALs,...
The Jim Rome Podcast

130 - Brandon Boyd - 5/20/2020

Wednesday, May 20th
Brandon Boyd of Incubus on the surprise of success, the hypnotic and humbling ocean, the first time he heard his voice, why nerves are informative, staying out...
The Jim Rome Podcast

129 - Bill Wennington - 5/13/2020

Wednesday, May 13th
Bill Wennington on why Mike got emotional in episode 7, Scottie's leadership style when it was his team, why Phil was the perfect coach, what it was like...
The Jim Rome Podcast

128 - Brooks Koepka - 5/7/2020

Thursday, May 7th
Brooks Koepka on shopping for a home gym at Walmart, chirping with MJ on the track, hanging with "Uncle" John Daly, growing the game the non-traditional way,...
The Jim Rome Podcast

127 - Stacey King - 4/29/2020

Wednesday, April 29th
Stacey King on mixing up Dave Corzine and Phil Jackson, rubbing Mike's shoulders for good luck, Scottie's migraine, beating Detroit, Rodman's Vegas bender, and...
The Jim Rome Podcast

126 - B.J. Armstrong - 4/22/2020

Wednesday, April 22nd
BJ Armstrong with some incredible insight on The Last Dance, getting over on the Pistons, Scottie's contract, Jerry Krause's perspective, trying to keep up...