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D.A.: Making Sense Of NFL Free Agency '18

Slow down, Browns. You're not making the playoffs

The DA Show
March 15, 2018 - 8:18 am

What I Love

Cousins chooses Vikings: A deal that makes sense for both sides. Minnesota is an elite quarterback away from a title. Kirk gets his massive payday. Let's see how he does with all the pressure to win big and no excuses of a bad organization. 

Hollywood Corners: Both Marcus Peters and Aquib Talib come with headaches, but at their best they could be the top tandem in the NFL. The Rams are embracing big attitudes, which feels perfect for La La Land. 

Brees Back: I'm a sucker for Hall of Famers remaining with their teams until the end. Drew started his career in San Diego, but he'll forever be a Saint, and N'awlins is a title contender for him.  

Mo in Green Bay: Wilkerson wore out his welcome in New York, but he's on a no-risk contract with the Packers. He's an elite talent, and disruptive force when motivated. On a show-me deal, he should have the motor back. 

Norwell in Sacksonville: The signing of the top guard in the NFL is not going to grab headlines, but the Jags win at the line of scrimmage. If they want to continue dominance in the trenches, this is a terrific addition. 

The Butler in Nashville: Malcolm was mysteriously benched for the Super Bowl, but he played 97% of the defensive snaps for the Pats. Tennessee has a solid roster, this helps the secondary get to the next level. 

What I Loathe

Browns fans predicting playoffs: Tyrod, Landry, and Randall add talent to the league's least exciting roster. But it's fool's gold to be already talking about a winning season. Cleveland is so starved for a football winner it's turned delirious. Cleveland should win at least 4 games, but going from 0-16 to 9-7 is insane to expect. 

Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon to the Cardinals: What's the answer under center? They've now added two more castoffs with huge questions. The draft misses at QB since the team moved from St. Louis 30 years ago is staggering. These are not solutions. 

Joe Thomas questioning Sherman: He did get less money in San Fran than likely other places. But why should he care what other people think about his deal? If he's happy, who has the right to question his reasons? We kill athletes when they chase money, but we criticize athletes who take less for a better situation? 

Patriots losing Amendola: That other D.A. was a security blanket in the playoffs for Tom Brady. New England always seems to replace lost pieces, but why take those chances in the twilight of Brady's career? 

Dolphins cut Suh: It was always insane to pay a defensive tackle like a quarterback, and Miami learned its lesson the hard way. Unless it was a high-character, locker room leader, future Hall of Famer that contract never made sense (and even then). 

What I Ponder

A.J. McCarron to Buffalo: Are the Bills better with A.J. under center? Probably, but no one knows. Is this the long term solution to their never-ending QB carousel? Doubtful. Buffalo is betting on the unknown, and avoiding drafting the solution yet again. 

Packers decide Jordy out, Jimmy in: This is a risky proposition, since reports suggest Aaron Rodgers doesn't agree with the move. Not the best idea to get your franchise cornerstone upset, but more so, is this an upgrade? Not really. 

Watkins and Mahomes: The Chiefs want to become more dynamic, and the Sammy from Clemson can do that. The problem is we haven't seen that Sammy since he entered the league. Strong-armed Mahomes can get the ball downfield in a hurry. This sounds like a perfect pair, but Watkins has to live up to his potential. 


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