McGloin: Cousins Will Do Whatever He Can To Rally Vikings

Since apologizing to Adam Thielen, Kirk Cousins has been a man on a mission

The DA Show
October 21, 2019 - 11:15 am
Kirk Cousins Vikings

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Since apologizing to Adam Thielen for a disastrous Week 4 showing in Chicago, Kirk Cousins has been a man on a mission. In his last three games, he has completed 75.6 percent of his passes for (68-of-90) for 976 yards, 10 touchdowns and one interception, leading the Vikings (5-2) to three straight wins.

What changed?

“Somebody lit a fire under him,” XFL quarterback Matt McGloin said on The DA Show. “In so many ways, when you constantly are getting bad press – as much as NFL players and college players don’t want to admit it, we read the news, we watch TV, we see what you’re saying, and it’s definitely motivating. But it comes to a point now when it’s inside that locker room and you have to sit across from somebody before you go out to practice. You know that it’s uncomfortable.

“So you’re either going to go one of two ways,” McGloin continued. “You’re going to try to figure it out, or it’s going to become a disaster. It seems as if Kirk Cousins has took the road to figuring it out. He’s going to do whatever he can do to rally that team and make sure they continue to play well.”

Cousins’ first month of the season was, in a word, rough. He averaged 183.8 passing yards per game and had just four touchdowns (three pass, one rush) in four games.

McGloin, who will play for the XFL’s New York Guardians in 2020, can all but guarantee Cousins knew what was being said about him – and his $84 million contract.

“I know he got a lot of criticism from everybody for being extremely high-paid and not being able to get the job done, especially against teams with winning records,” McGloin said. “But the past two weeks he’s been on fire. He’s playing the type of football that everybody expected him to play when he showed up in Minnesota. It’s fantastic to see, and it’s great for the team. It’s exciting to watch.”

The Vikings, who have won four of five, host the Redskins (1-6) on Thursday. Kickoff is at 8:20 p.m. ET.