Wyche: Collusion Is An Immediate Thought With Antonio Brown

LISTEN: NFL Analyst Discusses Brown, Patriots Deal

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September 09, 2019 - 11:48 am
Antonio Brown (84) looks on during warm-ups before the Steelers host the Cincinnati Bengals at Heinz Field. Brown has been ruled out of the game due to injury.

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Antonio Brown posted a video on his Youtube channel shortly after his Raiders release, celebrating the fact that he's "free" and able to sign with any NFL team. Following the report that Brown's stint in Oakland was over, many pundits joked that the star wide receiver would wind up signing a deal with the Patriots. Former NFL RB Reggie Bush said that if the Patriots signed Brown the "league is rigged."

Nearly six hours removed from becoming a free agent, Brown ultimately inked a deal with New England. Was it Brown's intention to play for the Patriots all along? NFL Network analyst Steve Wyche discussed if there was any sort of collusion in Brown's deal when he joined Damon Amendolara on "The D.A. Show" Monday morning. 

"I don't know if the Raiders are going to bother to file tampering charges," Wyche said. "But its hard to look at the situation where if this goes south - he's posting pictures of a fine letter. He's cussing out his general manager and this unbelievable, unacceptable behavior - and then all of sudden he gets released and six hours later, he's got a deal with the Patriots.

"Now, maybe [Brown's agent] Drew Rosenhaus picked up the phone the minute after he was released and started working things. That always could happen but it's just - I'm not going to say this whole thing was orchestrated. Look this guy tore up his feet. I don't think he did that stuff on purpose. But some of the behavior, we'll see. Is he unhinged? Was it strategic? We just don't know yet. I think the devil will be in the details of whether he lasts with the Patriots."

Amendolara questioned the timeframe of Brown's deal, asking if the brief window was the normal for a team and organization to come to an agreement. 

"These things happen," Wyche said. "It takes 10 minutes to get a deal done. The Patriots knew Antonio Brown was going to be desperate and they came out and said, 'hey, we're here.' Deals can get done very quickly."

Now that Brown is headed to New England, could the two sides function together while limiting the dramatics? The Patriots are familiar with players in Brown's situation. They've dealt with the likes of Randy Moss and Corey Dillon, both situations working out for both parties. 

"He's going to be on his best behavior but is that best behavior good enough? I think that's the big question because we've seen this in Pittsburgh, we saw it before he played a down with the Raiders," Wyche said. "It's pretty consistent behavior. Now, we've seen guys change up when they get to New England. But for as many character issue guys that the Patriots have brought in, I just never seen somebody who just seemed so caught up in the self-promotion and the potential destruction of a locker room like this. Randy Moss wasn't like this. Cory Dillon wasn't like this. This is a whole different character in part because we're in the social media realm. If he unplugs that way, then we know he's on his best behavior."

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