Young: That Beer Tasted Good After Being Ranked

Wofford is nationally ranked for the first time in program history; head coach Mike Young celebrated with shrimp and grits, among other delights

The DA Show
March 06, 2019 - 11:35 am

On Dec. 19, Wofford lost at then-No. 17 Mississippi State, 98-87. It was Wofford’s fourth loss of the season, all against Power Five teams. In fact, the other losses came against then-No. 8 North Carolina, Oklahoma and then-No. 2 Kansas.

Well, Wofford (26-4) hasn’t lost since. The No. 22 Terriers have won 17 straight games and are nationally ranked for the first time in school history.

“It was surreal,” Wofford coach Mike Young said on The DA Show of being ranked. “Thinking back to how far we’ve come – we knew we had a crack at it. We went down and beat a very good Furman team on the road for a second time. We thought we had a shot. I’d be less than honest with you if I told you we took it in stride or it wasn’t a big deal. It was a big deal. It continues to be a big deal when you look at those teams above you and below you. It was a significant achievement for this team. Hopefully we can keep it rolling.”

Wofford, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is ranked ahead of No. 23 Villanova, which has won two of the last three national championships. Wofford has one of the smallest enrollments in Division I – roughly 1,600 students – and Young has played a critical role in the program’s rise. He said he has “a great deal of pride” in how far the program has come.

“You put your head down, and you continue to bang away at it and attract good kids, and players get a little bit better as you move along,” said Young, who started as an assistant at Wofford in 1989 before becoming head coach in 2002. “That growth, that development, to see it firsthand – day-by-day, brick-by-brick – has been rewarding and fascinating. I’ve had a great time being a part of it.”

After Wofford cracked the Top 25, school president Nayef H. Samhat took Young out for shrimp and grits. How good did that meal taste?

“Incredible,” Young said. “That beer tasted pretty darn good, too."