Brinson: Browns Would Be Good Spot For Harbaugh

The Ravens will reportedly part ways with John Harbaugh after the season

The DA Show
November 12, 2018 - 11:35 am

USA Today Images


According to Jason La Canfora, the Baltimore Ravens and Jim Harbaugh will reportedly part ways after the season.

Harbaugh is 98-71 in 11 seasons in Baltimore and 10-5 in the playoffs. Will he be the No. 1 coaching candidate available this offseason?

“He is right at the top of that list,” CBS Sports Radio NFL writer Will Brinson said on The DA Show. “Would you rather have John Harbaugh, who produced a Super Bowl victory in Baltimore and was, for a while, a perennial playoff entrant? Or would you rather gamble on somebody like Lincoln Riley, who’s 35 and has a crazy offense but has no experience at the NFL level?”

Many NFL teams would probably choose Harbaugh.

“If you’re the Browns, if I’m John Dorsey, I’m looking at the situation in Cleveland saying, ‘Hey, John Harbaugh, you’re not going to get fired, but you’re going to get relieved of your duties in Baltimore,’” Brinson said. “‘Last time I hooked up with Andy Reid in Kansas City, we made some magic happen with a new quarterback and all that. Why don’t you come to Cleveland? You can spite-play (the Ravens) twice year. You can build this Browns team. You’re a native guy.’”

Harbaugh, 56, was born in Toledo, Ohio, and graduated from Miami of Ohio in 1984.

“I think Jim Harbaugh, given the way he runs an organization – a former special teams coach who allows his offensive coordinator to be very hands-on – this would be a good spot to bring Harbaugh in and let him select an offensive coordinator who can develop Baker Mayfield, who can install a system that works for Baker Mayfield,” Brinson said. “To me, that would be a good fit. Certainly if I was running a team, I would have John Harbaugh at the top of that list.”