Wacker: Tiger In A Good Place

Woods is not the same person he was a decade ago – or even a year ago

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
June 13, 2018 - 9:27 am

USA Today Images


For the first time since 2015, Tiger Woods will tee it up at the U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southhampton, New York, this week, and he hopes to be in the mix for his 15th major championship come Sunday.

Woods has won the U.S. Open three times, most recently in 2008. In fact, that was his most recent major championship, period.

What stands out about the 42-year-old in his latest comeback?

“There’s two things,” Golf Digest contributor Brian Wacker said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “On the golf course, I would say just the way he's playing golf. I don’t think anybody expected him to play this well this quickly – and that includes Tiger. He sort of preached patience in this latest comeback, but we’ve seen a lot of really good golf from Tiger.”

That was few and far between in recent years.

“Just think back to where he was a year ago,” Wacker said. “We all remember that police dash cam video of Tiger on Memorial Day when he was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Of course that was later knocked down to reckless driving, but it was an ugly sight. We remember that mugshot. You look at him now and the golf is really pretty good. He had a chance to win earlier this year in Tampa. He played well at Bay Hill, where he made a late run there. I think physically in terms of the golf, he’s playing better than anybody would have expected.”

His evolving personality has also surprised people.

“I think he realizes where he’s been in his life,” Wacker said. “He’s older now, he’s got children, he’s at a different point than he was 15 years ago. He’s a guy who's seems to be more approachable, more fan friendly, interacting with fellow players more, more open, slightly more open with the media. All of that seems to have changed since a decade ago."