Vince Quinn Solves Adam Silver's Midseason-Tourney Dilemma

Silver is mulling a midseason tournament, but he wants players and fans to care about it; well, Vince Quinn has some ideas...

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March 20, 2020 - 11:18 am
Adam Silver NBA

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With the sports world put on hold, leagues are trying to scheme up creative solutions to unexpected problems. For Adam Silver, he can relax a bit. I just solved the NBA's midseason-tournament dilemma.

The question everyone asks is “Who’s going to care?” How do you get players to play hard? How do you get coaches and GMs to avoid load management? How do you get fans to tune in and talk about it? 

You give them one hell of a prize.

Winning the tournament has to feel like winning a video game boss fight. You slay the beast, you get a shower of items and gold, and you set out to keep kicking ass–stronger than ever before. 

So what kind of items should a team win? It should be a package of things, with some ideas listed below:

An extra first-round pick. Whoever wins the tournament gets awarded a special pick at the end of the first round. That pick has no fancy caveats and can be moved like any other pick.

An extra roster spot. I’m non-negotiable on this one. If you win the midseason tournament, you should get an extra roster spot. It’s yours for the rest of the season. If you want to use it to facilitate a trade, sign a vet to a minimum, or experiment with some 10-day deals, the world is yours. You earned it, do what you want with it.

Cash! Lots and lots of cash. Assuming the tournament becomes what it can be, there’s a boatload of cash that can be thrown at the players to ensure that they take the tournament seriously.

Automatic tiebreaker. If your record is tied with another team at the end of the regular season, you automatically win the tie. If you make the playoffs, it will get you the higher seed. If you miss the playoffs, you get better lottery odds.

Automatic playoff bid. If you make the playoffs anyway, it doesn’t apply. If you were to miss the playoffs, you get in as the 8-seed. 

A badass trophy. My only ask here is that the players can drink out of it. It’s what the people want. 

Boosted win total. If you win the tournament, all of your wins translate to your regular season record. If it takes six wins to win the whole thing, you get a plus-six in the win total. So, for example, say a team went 41-41 in an 82-game season. If they won the tournament, they’d have a 47-41 record from the boost.

Some combination of these ideas would put the tournament in a perfect place. Teams would have motivation to legitimately compete, fans would be compelled to watch, and a seemingly unnecessary tournament instantly becomes an iconic event. Everyone wins.

Adam Silver, you’re welcome.

Vince Quinn is the host of “The Vince Quinn Show,” which airs Saturdays from 2-6 a.m. ET. You can follow him on Twitter @ItsVinceQuinn.