Vick: I'm Not Trying To Lose A Race In A McDonald's Parking Lot

Joins DA Show To Talk AFFL, Life After NFL

The DA Show
July 02, 2018 - 4:09 pm
Michael Vick

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"I'm glad to have an opportunity to still get out and throw the ball around."

Michael Vick, 4 time Pro-Bowler, NFL Comeback Player of the Year and #1 overall pick in the 2001 NFL Draft joined the DA Show to talk about his flag football career, life after the NFL, and more.

DA asked Vick about playing in the AFFL (American Flag Football League), which has teams of both professionals and amateurs. Vick is the captain of the Roadrunners, and fellow former NFL player Chad Ochocinco is the captain of the Ochocincos. 

During his career, Vick was known for his quick bursts, escape ability and big play ability. All of these skills are beneficial to his flag football game as well-- DA wondered if Vick felt like a perfect fit for the AFFL. 

"Flag football is fun because it's 7 on 7. Throughout the course of my career, every practice, I took 7 on 7s seriously," Vick said. "It taught me to learn defenses, to recognize the ability to make decisions. You're just playing a game without the offensive line." He says that being 6 feet tall helps. 

On who inspired him to get into flag football, Vick credits his daughter. She's a flag football quarterback, and DA asked if Vick sees his old moves in her game. 

"Oh absolutely." Vick said. "I'm gonna go back and watch some of her film, that's how cool it is and that's how good she looked out there."

"She'll be my inspiration, man. I'm working hard, throwing the ball around and trying to stay in shape."

Vick is also excited to play against amateurs.

"I think it's going to be really cool, man, that those guys have an opportunity to compete for something that's really extraordinary... to go out and try to knock off former NFL players playing their game really has to be something that excites them and gets them going."

He added, "They now have a chance to play professional flag football and get some notoriety from it. So that's what the game is all about. It's all about expanding, it's all about complementing one another, each league complementing one another."

Vick was featured in a cameo on Donald Glover's television show, Atlanta, where everyone challenges him to a 40 yard dash after being at the club one night. DA asked Vick if that happens in real life. 

"Whether it's the club, the supermarket, Walgreens, people always want to challenge me to a race," Vick laughed. "People always think they're faster than me. ...But I won't accept the challenge. I don't want anybody Instagramming me losing a race in the McDonad's parking lot."

Vick was known for this speed during his football career. DA asked what he thought his 40 time is now, after some years away from the League. 

"These days? You know, I've been working out a little bit, speed and quickness is still there. I'm playing basketball, so I would say I can still run high 4 or 5 easy."

He added, "I'm very thankful, man, I'm still grateful that I can get up every day and feel good, feel healthy, and be with my family and still go out and throw the football. It's quite remarkable."

Alongside his speed, Vick was also praised for his arm and ability to make plays because of his strong passing game. DA was curious which was mroe exciting for Vick-- creating a big play downfield on a throw or with his legs. 

"I probably got a bigger kick off nice throws. We worked so hard on the passing game throughout the week," Vick said. "I got more excitement out of the passing game."