Lane: Magic Overshadowed Frank Vogel

Monday was supposed to be a happy day for the Lakers; it wasn't

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
May 21, 2019 - 9:20 am
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Magic Johnson had every right to tell his side of the story, to explain what went wrong in his role as Lakers president of basketball operations. But he didn’t have to do it on the same day that the Lakers introduced Frank Vogel as their new head coach.

But he did. And Rob Pelinka responded.

“I thought Rob actually came across very, very polished, the way that he responded,” LakersNation senior writer and podcast host Trevor Lane said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “He deflected a lot of it and mentioned that he was surprised at what Magic had been saying and that it had been misconstrued and that Magic was mistaken. He did a good job of kind of deflecting as much as he possibly could in that situation. He handled himself very, very well. 

“But he couldn’t have been pleased given that it was supposed to be a day to introduce the new head coach and bring in Frank Vogel and celebrate that they’ve got someone else coming in to run the ship,” Lane continued. “Seventy-five percent of the questions had to deal with Magic Johnson and what was going on externally and everything else flying around the organization, instead of talking about Frank Vogel and what he could bring to the team.”

Vogel, 45, had a successful run with the Pacers from 2011-16, leading Indiana to back-to-back Eatsern Conference Finals and even pushing LeBron James and the Heat to seven games. His time in Orlando, however, didn’t go as well. He went 54-110 (.329) over two seasons.

“I like Frank Vogel as the coach, especially today,” Lane said. “I think he won a lot of fans today. Frank came off extremely well and I think he addressed a lot of the concerns.”

Like employing outdated offensive and defensive philosophies.

“He talked about how he’s been really studying and doing everything he can to modernize his game and how his way of thinking has changed and kind of evolved over the years,” Lane said. “I thought that was a real positive, and then he talked about getting everybody pulling in the same direction. That’s been an issue for the Lakers organization for the last few years, where they haven’t been able to get the entire front office on the same page. That includes the coaching staff as well. I think him saying that’s something that needs to occur and will occur was right on the money. I was really impressed with Vogel, and hopefully that’s a sign of things to come.”

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