Dungy On AB: "Something Is Wrong"

Antonio Brown hasn't played a down for the Raiders, but he's already wearing out his welcome in Oakland

Tiki and Tierney
August 21, 2019 - 7:07 pm

Antonio Brown wore out his welcome in Pittsburgh. Well, he hasn’t even played a down for the Raiders, and folks in Oakland are already pretty frustrated with him.

“Well, hopefully it will come together, but I think we’re seeing a lot of what the Steelers dealt with over the last four or five years,” Tony Dungy said on Tiki & Tierney. “You have a guy who is arguably the best receiver in football and gets traded for a third-round draft choice. Something is wrong. Something has fallen apart. You hope that a new start, a fresh start in Oakland, would make it better.”

It hasn’t.

Since entering the NFL in 2010, Brown leads the league in receptions (837), receiving yards (11,207), receiving first downs (546) and is second in receiving touchdowns (74). His talent is undeniable.

But he’s mighty particular about his helmet.

“Some of the stuff he’s talking about,” Dungy said, “I just think you go as a coach and say, ‘Come on, Antonio. Let’s move forward. You were comfortable in a Steeler jersey. You had some great years in the Steeler jersey. But you can’t wear that jersey. You’re with the Raiders. You had some great years with this helmet, but you can’t wear it now. We’ve got to move forward to 2019. Let’s all get on board.”

Brown, 31, is entering his tenth season. Can he change?

“I think you’re always able to change people if they’re looking to change,” Dungy said. “The problem with so many of these athletes is they’ve had success all the way through. They’ve been the best player on their middle school team, high school team, college team, they’re in the NFL, they’re having success – why should I change?”

The Patriots are the exception to this rule. They are seeking their tenth Super Bowl under Bill Belichick.

There’s a reason for that.

“They’re going to be in it every year because they set that culture that everybody comes in here and you have to change,” Dungy said. “You have to fit in to what we do because we’re only focused on winning.”

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