Delk: Curry Not In My Top 10 "Right Now"

Where does Steph Curry rank among the NBA's all-time greats? Not in the top 10, Tony Delk says

Reiter Than You
May 22, 2019 - 10:27 pm
Steph Curry Warriors Blazers NBA Playoffs

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Steph Curry has won three NBA titles and two NBA MVPs, he’s led the league in scoring and steals, and he was the best player on the best team in NBA history.

So, where does he rank among the game’s all-time greats?

“When we think historically, it’s going to be based on championships and MVPs,” NBA TV’s Tony Delk said on Reiter Than You. “But he’s been on a really good team. He’s been surrounded by some really good players, and two of those championships are with arguably the best player in the world, Kevin Durant. So it’s hard for me to put Steph in that Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, LeBron James class because those guys were forceful. They dominated in a different way. Steph, he has changed the game from a low-post game to just living and dying by the three. He’s actually changed organizations because of how impactful three-point shooting has become.”

Is Curry, say, top 10?

“I can’t put him in my top 10 right now,” Delk said. “I think he still has many, many years to play. If he wins a few more championships, I think we can revisit this conversation.”

While Delk is undecided on Curry, he does think Steve Kerr could go down as one of the best coaches – if not the best coach – in NBA history.

“If Steve Kerr gets to five or six (championships), he’ll be in the conversation,” Delk said. “(The Warriors) built it through the draft and guys getting better, but Steve inherited a really good team. Could Mark Jackson (have) gotten them over the hump? We don’t know. Steve walked into a great situation. He had to manage and massage the players and give them a great system and let the players lead a little bit, but he has been one of the best coaches I’ve seen in terms of having really good talent and letting that talent do what they do well. I think sometimes coaches can hold players back, but he is a true players’ coach.”

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