Tommy Bowden: Clemson And Alabama On Equal Footing

Former Clemson coach discusses Alabama-Clemson

Taz and the Moose
August 30, 2019 - 3:13 pm
Nick Saban Alabama Clemson

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Former Clemson head coach and current ACC Network analyst Tommy Bowden joined Taz and the Moose on CBS Sports Radio Friday morning. 

Clemson topped Alabama in the title game last year. Does that have them right there now with the Crimson Tide? 

"I think it put them (Clemson and Alabama) on equal footing. Clemson I think was chasing Alabama. Now they have caught Alabama. Right now they are a little bit ahead of them because they beat them last year. They are very much on par. Dabo Swinney just hasn't done it as long as Nick Saban, but they are equal, they are on par and might be a step ahead. 

Who are the biggest threats to those two programs to win it all this year? 

"The biggest threat is LSU and Georgia. I think Georgia, LSU and Oklahoma would be the biggest threats," Bowden said. 

Who is the best quarterback in college football? 

"I think Trevor Lawrence because you mentioned all those guys and some of them have good running skills," Bowden said. "All of them got good throwing skills. Some are a little more athletic, some better at throwing on the run. I think Trevor Lawrence is a combination of all of those plus size. Lawrence is 6'5, maybe pushing 6'6. He's proven he can take the pressure. He's got mental toughness. He's got some of Deshaun Watson in him as far as maturity behind his age. I think he's the complete package."