Tebow on Notre Dame: Protocols must be followed if players want to live out their dream

Notre Dame’s game with Wake Forest, originally slated for Saturday, has been postponed due to COVID-19

The DA Show
September 23, 2020 - 12:55 pm

No. 7 Notre Dame (2-0) was slated to play Wake Forest (0-2) on the road this Saturday, but the game has been postponed due to COVID-19

Seven Notre Dame players have tested positive for the virus, while 13 others are in isolation. The game has been rescheduled for Dec. 12.

College football players have to mindful of their day-to-day activities in any season, but especially during a pandemic.

“It’s the only way to be able to live out your dream is to be able to follow the rules and the regimens,” Heisman Trophy winner and two-time national champion Tim Tebow said on The DA Show. “I really believe that a lot of these kids are doing  a great job at following it. If you’re Notre Dame, you really have a chance. It’s pretty much you and Clemson and that’s about it in the ACC. You’re competing for an ACC championship, maybe a national championship, but your team’s got to be disciplined because a few people not buying in could ruin it for everybody.”

Tebow, one of the greatest leaders in college football history, stressed the importance of team leadership in times like this.

“This is where great leaders really got to step up, and I know that they’re doing it all around the country,” he said. “I’ve talked to a bunch of young men that are encouraging their team, ‘Hey, listen, guys, we can’t do silly things. We can’t put ourselves in harm’s way. It’s not just about practicing hard and lifting hard and preparing for the game; it’s also about understanding social distancing, putting on our mask, not going to places that we don’t need to be.’ I think there’s a lot of kids that are doing it really well right now.

“It’s a tough situation for a lot of these coaches to handle because it’s a new normal,” Tebow continued. “They’re trying to figure this out on the fly, and it’s tough for the leaders on the team. While they would spend a lot of time maybe preparing for the game, they’re also having to spend time focusing on where do we go, how do we do it, how are we going to do these little things that sometimes in life you take for granted. But right now, to keep themselves, their teammates and everyone around them safe, they got to be very careful. That’s why I really believe kind of down the stretch the team that is able to . . . put to practice these rules and regimens and also do it the best is going to really help them down the stretch.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Notre Dame, and other teams, respond to postponed and rescheduled games.

“Football is so much about routines and practices and finding a groove and getting that momentum and building it up to really get hot down the stretch,” Tebow said. “Something like this could totally throw off a great team. Maybe the best team in the country doesn’t win it this year because they don’t figure out how to be able to manage all these different things. It is going to be really interesting to see what happens.”

Tebow, 33, was also asking about his baseball career. The minor league season was canceled due to the pandemic.

“Well, it definitely was disappointing, but a lot of people in this time have had to deal with a lot more adversity than I have by not being able to play baseball,” he said. “So to me, there’s no comparison. While it is disappointing – and while I would have loved to have had a season and was so excited because we were getting near the end of spring training and getting ready – we were two weeks away from starting when it got halted. I was really excited about how I was feeling and playing. But that’s part of life, and it’s part of sports – setbacks and disappointments. I don’t know what [it] means [for my career], but it just means for me just keep going to work and keep swinging.”