Brando: If You Want Change, Root For Notre Dame

If Notre Dame goes undefeated, Tim Brando says, then the College Football Playoff will expand from four teams to six teams – "immediately"

The DA Show
October 16, 2018 - 12:38 pm

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When college football gave fans the BCS, they clamored for a playoff. When college football gave fans a playoff, they clamored for a bigger playoff.

Well, if you want a bigger playoff, Tim Brando has some advice: root for No. 4 Notre Dame (7-0) – because if the Irish finish the season unbeaten, chaos will ensue.

“I’m rooting like mad for them because we need to move this thing from four teams to at least six,” the FS1 college football broadcaster said on The DA Show. “And I will tell you without question: if Notre Dame gets a spot, that’s going to mean one less conference champion from the cartel of five – and that’s what I call it. It’s a cartel. No one else is invited. It doesn’t matter what UCF does. They could win 50 games in a row over four seasons; they’re not going to get in. There’s a glass ceiling for them, and they don’t have a chance. We got to open this thing up (and get) more portions of the country involved so we don’t have Clemson-Alabama Chapter Four for the fourth consecutive year, so we don’t see the same teams every year. I’m rooting hard for Notre Dame.”

Notre Dame has looked great some weeks and not-so-great in others. Among the not-so-great weeks: the Irish survived Ball State 24-16 on Sept. 8, and Pitt 19-14 this past Saturday – both at home.

“Do I think that they’re better than some of these conference champions? No, I don’t,” Brando said. “They barely beat Pitt at home – a team, by the way, that UCF blew out, Notre Dame barely beat. And they’re double-digit favorites probably in the majority of the games that they have remaining or, at the very least, big favorites in those games – and they’ll be minus the 13th data point because they don’t have to play a conference championship. 

“But I guarantee you this,” Brando continued. “If two conferences are left out – and if Notre Dame gets in, a minimum of two conference champions will be left out – we’re going to have issues.”

We’ll also have issues if No. 1 Alabama (7-0) stumbles against, say, No. 5 LSU (6-1), doesn’t play for the SEC Championship, and still – along with the SEC champion and Notre Dame – makes the playoff. 

That leaves one spot for four conference champions.

“I guarantee, just mark it down: we will go to six teams immediately,” Brando said. “Just as we went to four teams after the debacle that was the 2011 national championship, which pitted LSU against Alabama in a rematch. So if you want change, you want Notre Dame to win out and claim one of those positions.”

Notre Dame, which has a bye this week, plays Navy (2-4) in San Diego on Oct. 27. Kickoff is at 8 p.m. ET.