Tiki: Tiger Woods, Masters Will Compete With NFL

Some of golf's biggest events will take place during football season – and the NFL should be prepared for a potential ratings dip, Tiki Barber says

Tiki and Tierney
April 07, 2020 - 10:53 am

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, just about every sport has had to cancel or reschedule events. Golf is no exception. On Monday, the PGA Tour, USGA, R&A, PGA of America, and Augusta National Golf Club issued a joint statement outlining the rest-of-year schedule:

The PGA Championship, previously scheduled for May, will take place Aug. 6-9 at TPC Harding Park. The U.S. Open, previously scheduled for June, will take place Sept. 17-20 at Winged Foot. And the Masters, previously scheduled for April, will take place Nov. 12-15 at Augusta National.

The Open Championship was formally canceled, while the Ryder Cup will take place Sept. 25-27 at Whistling Straits.

The moral of the story? Several big-time events will take place during football season, which, depending on various factors, could compromise the NFL.

“Of course football will be comprised [during the U.S. Open] – but kind of only if it’s Tiger [Woods contending],” Tiki Barber said on Tiki & Tierney. “Some of these other guys are really, really interesting. Brooks Koepka and Rory, they’re big names. Dustin Johnson. You love them, and you’d watch them [under] any other circumstance, but unless it’s Tiger, I don’t think they’re going to supplant the NFL.”

The Masters, however, could be a different story – Tiger or no Tiger.

“That might [compromise the NFL] regardless of who [is contending],” Barber said. “The Masters has an aura in and of itself. The majesty of the event and what it means to whoever wins it – that almost is more powerful than the individual that wins it. Now if it was Tiger at the Masters again, like it was last year, then I think the Masters has a good chance of beating the NFL in a lot of places. But I think it will challenge regardless of Tiger is in the lead at the Masters because of what the Masters means in this country.”