Tiki Barber Offers Advice To Jim Harbaugh

Harbaugh, who is 0-5 against Ohio State, is "misplaying" the Ohio State narrative

Tiki and Tierney
December 03, 2019 - 7:48 pm

Jim Harbaugh is one bowl win away from his fourth 10-win season in five years at Michigan. In that regard, his Ann Arbor tenure has been highly successful.

On the other hand…

Harbaugh has never been Ohio State. He’s tried five times and failed five times. He came close in 2016, losing 30-27 in double overtime in Columbus. The other four losses have all come by double digits. Two have come by 29. The last two have been particularly ugly, as Ohio State has outscored Michigan 118-66.

Just don’t tell that to Harbaugh, who bristled Saturday when asked why he can’t beat the Buckeyes. Is it a coaching issue? A talent issue? Something else?

“I’ll answer your questions,” Harbaugh said, “not your insults.”

Tiki Barber does not believe this is the right approach. On Tuesday, Barber offered Harbaugh some advice on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki & Tierney.

“He can’t beat Ohio State,” Barber said. “If I was Jim Harbaugh, you have to flip this somehow. You can’t keep having this be media and the Internet and everybody just piling on you. He actually is adding fuel to the fire of that pile by the way he’s answering those questions, by being adversarial, by being combative.”

Harbaugh, Barber says, would be better off injecting some humor into the narrative.

“You almost need to take some levity and throw some levity on it,” Barber said. “He’s going to get killed locally, but guess what? He’s getting killed locally because he can’t beat them. So I think he’s misplaying this a little bit.”

Ohio State has beaten Michigan in 15 of the last 16 years, including eight straight.