Tiki On Eli Benching: "It's Time To Move On"

Moving on from Eli Manning isn't easy, Tiki Barber says, but it's the right move for the Giants

Tiki and Tierney
September 17, 2019 - 6:36 pm

The New York Giants have named first-round draft pick Daniel Jones their starting quarterback for this Sunday’s game against Tampa Bay. The 22-year-old Jones replaces the 38-year-old Eli Manning, who threw two touchdowns and two interceptions in the Giants’ first two games of the season, both losses.

Tiki Barber, who played with Manning from 2004-06, shared his thoughts on the Giants' decision on Tiki & Tierney.

“He was a Super Bowl MVP – twice,” Barber said of Manning. “He did exactly what he was brought to New York to do – and he did it with a grace and a humility and a comedic air that most people don’t know. He makes it light, he makes it funny – he’s a leader not in the vocal sense; he’s a leader in the fact that he makes it feel comfortable. They got what they wanted out of Eli, and it’s time to move on. 

“Some people will be sad about it,” Barber continued. “Some people will be angry about it. We’ll start seeing columnists write stupid articles about how the Giants lost their way.”

Brandon Tierney, though, believes the Giants have lost their way.  They’ve missed the playoffs in eight of the last ten seasons.

“If you want to position it that way, at some point, you have to take steps to move back on the right path,” Barber said. “That's all they’re doing. That’s all they’re doing.”