Golf Analyst: "That's The New Tiger Woods"

Woods played with unyielding tenacity at Bellerive, ultimately finishing runner-up to Brooks Koepka at the PGA Championship

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
August 13, 2018 - 9:30 am

USA Today Images


Tiger Woods had a performance for the ages in the PGA Championship at Bellerive this past weekend, ultimately finishing second to Brooks Koepka, who won the third major championship of his career – and his second of the season. 

Woods shot a 66-66-64 over the final three rounds, which was the lowest score of his career across 54 holes – by four shots.

“He pulls rabbits out of his hat time and time and time and time again,” Golf Channel and Sirius XM PGA Radio host Matt Adams said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “That was pure tenacity – and that’s the new Tiger Woods. It’s not as if Tiger didn’t always have tenacity, but believe it or not, he – to this day – still has never come from behind in winning a major championship. And yet, he came that close with that charge that he put on yesterday.”

Woods’ finish was even more impressive given his shaky start last Thursday.

“He went bogey, double-bogey to start this PGA Championship,” Adams said. “Everybody thought, ‘Oh well, Tiger’s not hitting fairways, the rough is going to be thick, it’s going to be dense, we’ll see him for two rounds and then he’ll go on his merry way.’ But Tiger did what this new Tiger does, and he just stayed there, stayed tenacious and grounds out.”

Woods was untouchable on the back nine Sunday, finishing 6-under. He shot 17-under over the final 70 holes.

“His putter started to come alive,” Adams said. “This is the first time in Tiger’s march back to form that we’ve seen his putter truly be that much of an asset as it was on the back nine yesterday afternoon. It was incredibly exciting, I thought, for everybody. And look, all the credit goes to Brooks Koepka because Brooks Koepka refused to yield.”

Koepka finished 4-under Sunday to best Woods by two strokes for the weekend.

“He knew exactly what was going on. He knew that Tiger was on a run,” Adams said. “But Brooks Koepka never blinked. He stayed steely-eyed the whole time, and yet, we saw Tiger Woods do things that Tiger Woods frankly has either never done in his career or he matched the best of his career. Those are the kind of scoring numbers that Tiger put together. Are you kidding me? 66-66-64 in the last three rounds of the PGA Championship? It is absolutely remarkable.”