Thurl Bailey On NBA Proposals: "You Can't Please Everybody"

The NBA is mulling various return-to-play proposals, but whatever the league decides, some players will not be happy

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
June 02, 2020 - 9:28 am
Damian Lillard Portland

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to make its way around the country, the NBA continues to mull return-to-play scenarios, with 16-, 20-, and 22-team proposals reportedly getting the most consideration.

Is there a plan or concept that makes the most sense for the league?

“Anybody outside the NBA doesn’t really know – and I’m not even sure the NBA knows the perfect scenario,” former Utah Jazz forward and current team broadcaster Thurl Bailey said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “What I do know is I think they’ve handled it well from beginning to now. I was in Oklahoma City when they shut the game down and quarantined all of us for that broadcast, and that was the domino that started the fall in sports for the most part. I know the NBA has had several committees working on several scenarios based on where we are with coronavirus. There’s a lot of money being lost – not just in the NBA, but just around our country in different arenas.”

While each proposal has its advantages and disadvantages, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s primary goal is to finish the season while ensuring the safety of all.

“I think the idea has come out about having some play-in games for teams that are kind of on the bubble and then having one location where teams can battle it out to finish the season,” Bailey said. “I think it sounds good. You can’t please everybody. You get Damian Lillard saying some things, and I understand it. I get it. I don’t disagree with it. But somebody is going to be unhappy with whatever the final decision is. But once that’s made, we go with it, and we continue the season.”