Thomsen: Worried? Knicks Fans Should Be Grateful

If KD signs with the Knicks, fans shouldn't worry about his injury; they should just be thankful he's going to "the worst franchise of the last quarter century"

The DA Show
June 17, 2019 - 11:13 am

With Anthony Davis reportedly heading to the Lakers, the NBA offseason is in full tilt. While more trades will surely come, the biggest fish in the free-agent market is Kevin Durant – regardless of whether he plays next season.

If he does play, though, NBA author and insider Ian Thomsen believes it will be in New York.

“He went to New York for surgery, he’s hanging out there now – those are the two teams that are supposedly in the running to get him,” Thomsen said on The DA Show. “I don’t know what he’s going to do, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire – and there’s so much smoke here. I think everybody would be shocked if he went back to the Warriors.”

But let’s say Durant signs with the Knicks. Should Knicks fans be worried that they’re getting damaged goods? That Durant’s best days are behind him? That he won’t perform anywhere close to the MVP-level player he was for the Thunder and Warriors?

Thomsen says no.

“If they were to get Kevin Durant, they should not even worry about that right now,” Thomsen said. “They should just be unbelievably happy that he has taken this huge leap of faith to go to the worst franchise of the last quarter century and give himself up to them – because they haven’t earned it. They just haven’t.”

The Knicks have missed the playoffs in 14 of the last 18 seasons and have advanced past the first round just once since 2000. They went 17-65 this past season.

“They haven’t shown yet that they have the structure to create a winning team around him,” Thomsen said. “I’m not saying they won’t. I’m not saying Scott Perry and Steve Mills can’t do that. I’m just saying the New York Knicks of James Dolan, they haven’t shown they’re worthy of a player like Kevin Durant. They had a guy in Porzinigis who said, ‘If you don’t trade me, I’m out of here.’ That was further proof that the Knicks are a troubled franchise. 

"Now maybe Kevin Durant can help them change that,” Thomsen continued. “Maybe he can. But Knicks fans should not be worried at all about Kevin’s future; they should be grateful for the opportunity that he’d be giving them if he were to go there.”