Thompson: Jimmy Garoppolo Is A "Rock Star" In The Bay Area

"That dude is like Joe Namath and Joe Montana and Kanye all rolled into one"

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
March 22, 2018 - 9:44 am

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The Golden State Warriors have been a must-see attraction in the Bay Area for several years. The franchise has played in three consecutive NBA Finals, won two of them, and set a record for most wins in a season. This is a dynasty with no shortage of star power. 

But know this: Jimmy G is coming. In fact, he has already arrived.

Yes, for some fans in the Bay Area, Jimmy Garoppolo is already a bigger story, a bigger attraction, than the Warriors.

“It’s a tough call,” The Athletic columnist Marcus Thompson said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “The Warriors are king, and what really helps them is it’s just offseason so far, just free agency. Come August, when it’s time for Jimmy Garoppolo to take the field, this might be a tough call – because Jimmy Garoppolo is like a rock star out here. He’s played six games for the 49ers and all of a sudden he’s like Joe Montana. And I’m not even joking. They treat him like Joe Montana. He’s the next coming. The thirst is real out here.”

Joe Montana won four Super Bowls for the Niners. Jimmy Garoppolo has thrown more than four touchdowns in a season once. 

How are people this excited for a guy who has thrown 272 passes in his career?

“The 49ers haven’t been good for a while,” Thompson said. “When you’ve had Blaine Gabbert and Brian Hoyer as your quarterback for two years, it could get pretty thirsty. But he does look good. He does look really good.”

Garoppolo took over a 1-10 Niners team and led them to victory in their final five games last season.

“He looks like one of those guys that has the ‘it’ factor,” Thompson said. “He knows how to make plays, he looks good throwing the ball, and the way his teammates rally around him, you can tell it’s just natural. All of a sudden, Marquise Goodwin breaks out as soon as Jimmy Garoppolo steps in there. All of a sudden the line blocks better. Carlos Hyde was better. Everybody was better once he got under center. He seems to have that it factor. Now, what happens when the NFL says, ‘All right, now we’re going to scout you, Jimmy’? Is he ready for what’s about to come? We don’t know. But as of right now, that dude is like Joe Namath and Joe Montana and Kanye all rolled into one."