Salisbury: "It's The Most Moronic Trade In Houston Sports History"

Houston trading DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona continues to boggle the mind

Zach Gelb
March 18, 2020 - 12:08 pm

At the time, Houston trading DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona for David Johnson and draft picks – including no first-rounders – didn’t make sense. Days later, the trade continues to boggle the mind.

“Quit thinking about it. You won’t ever make sense of it,” Sean Salisbury said on The Zach Gelb Show. “It’s the most moronic trade in Houston sports history. Since I’ve been here, it’s not even close. It is the most moronic trade.”

Hopkins averaged 105 catches for 1,371 yards and 10.3 touchdowns over the last three seasons. Johnson, meanwhile, has rushed for 1,000+ yards just once in his career – and not since 2016. Last year, he accounted for 715 total yards in 13 games for Arizona.

“I know how tough it is to play, to win and to coach in the league and to have the struggle,” Salisbury said. “But Bill O’Brien, first of all, has been given way too much power. He’s got as much power as Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, Sean Payton – Andy Reid’s got a lot. He’s one of the four or five most powerful guys within their organization.”

O’Brien, who has coached the Texans since 2014, became general manager in January.

“They got their butt kicked after a 24-0 lead,” Salisbury said, referring to Houston’s playoff collapse in Kansas City. “He got a pay raise and a title raise as the general manager and head coach. Cal McNair, you wouldn’t be able to find where his balls are hanging because he doesn’t got a set as the owner. Bill runs this show.”