Paylor: Seahawks Are A Force To Be Reckoned With In NFC

NFL Writer Credits Seattle's Dominance To Its Success On The Road With Russell Wilson At The Lead

Reiter Than You
December 04, 2019 - 12:37 pm
Russell Wilson Seahawks Cowboys NFL Playoffs

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The Seattle Seahawks put the rest of the NFC on notice. 

Seattle is in the midst of its five-game winning streak, recently capped off with its 37-30 win against the Minnesota Vikings. Russell Wilson leads the league with 26 touchdowns through 12 games as the Seahawks enter the final month of the season tied with San Francisco atop of the NFC West. Along with a formidable ground attack, the Seahawks have grown into a Super Bowl contender a year removed from elimination in the Wild Card round. 

Terez Paylor, a senior NFL writer for Yahoo Sports, tells Bill Reiter that Seattle's success on the road is what separates them from the rest of the pack. 

"Seattle just continues to show in so many ways that this is really a team to be reckoned with," Paylor said on "Reiter Than You." "One of the best ways to judge a football team is how they perform on the road. I know they won at home but this is a team that's 6-0 on the road. They beat some good teams. When they can find a way to beat a Vikings team, they find a way to get that job done.

"It tells you that the Seahawks are a team to be reckoned with in the NFC, but it also tells me that this team that's got a real Super Bowl feeling."

The Seahawks were often overlooked heading into season. They had eighth-best odds (31-1) of representing the NFC at the Super Bowl, via CBS Sports. Longtime wide receiver Doug Baldwin and safety Kam Chancellor departed the team after a failed physical, with wide receiver Tyler Lockett and rookie DK Metcalf left to fill the offensive void but the Wilson-led team has been able to make it work. 

Paylor says the Seahawks quarterback is starting to receive the praise as Seattle's franchise player. 

"There's so many quarterbacks that commanded attention but this year he's really stood out," Paylor added. "His creativity, ability to make plays happen and just how efficient he's been. He's really been fantastic. He really has. He's starting to get the credit that he deserves and it's really cool to see because this was a guy that when they won their Super Bowl, he wasn't looked at as the guy and then when that thing started to splinter you had all of these stories about how he was a dividing force there because he was treated differently.

"You had all of these alpha mentalities that didn't appreciate that but now you see the second iteration of Pete Carroll's Seahawks and Wilson is the undisputed Alpha. You don't see those types of stories anymore. They fashioned this team in his image. He's really come into his own as a player. The Seahawks are Russell Wilson's Seahawks and that's really cool to see a player come through that and earn that respect when it wasn't given to him."