Subban: We Realize Teams Are Gunning For Us

Nashville won't catch anyone by surprise this year, but the Preds are ready, Subban says

Tiki and Tierney
April 26, 2018 - 7:47 pm

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In 2017, the Nashville Predators were perhaps the best story in hockey. They advanced to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in franchise history, ultimately losing to the Pittsburgh Penguins in six games.

This year, their success isn't a surprise. After all, they went 53-18-11 and finished with a league-high 117 points.

Still, this postseason doesn’t feel all that different – not to P.K. Subban, anyway.

“Not necessarily,” the Nashville defenseman said on Tiki and Tierney. “The league is kind of going through a transition, I think, the past few seasons, and we’ve seen . . . Anaheim and L.A. play sort of that heavier style. Now the game is all about speed and skill, and it’s younger. There’s a lot of young players in the league now and most of the best players are young players as well. I’m talking 21, 22, 23. Some players 19, 18. It’s going through a transition, and you’ve got young players that are coming in that want to make a name for themselves, and you can’t take them lightly so players coming in the league now are in better shape and understand the game better than they ever have. For our hockey club, we’ve gotten better in a lot of different areas, but mainly in experience." 

The Preds added Nick Bonino and Kyle Turris, among others, to become one of the best, most experienced teams in hockey. 

After dispatching the Avalanche in six games in the first round, Nashville will turn its sights to Winnipeg, which beat Minnesota in five. Games 1 and 2 are in Nashville on Friday and Sunday, respectively.

“We definitely realize that teams are gunning for us,” Subban said. “Going into the second round against Winnipeg, they’re a team that we look at just like us. They got the depth, they got the speed, the skill, and the physicality. So it should be a tight series.”