Steve DeOssie: Safer League Has Helped Brady

Former NFL LB Discusses TB12 Not Aging

Taz and the Moose
September 10, 2019 - 10:44 am
Tom Brady

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Tom Brady is 42 years old and you would never be able to tell with how he continues to produce. Brady and the Patriots rolled past the Steelers in blowout fashion Sunday night in Week 1 and Brady continued to look like the future Hall of Famer that he is. 

Former NFL linebacker Steve DeOssie joined Taz And The Moose on CBS Sports Radio to talk about the never-aging Brady. 

"I'm on my way in to step into the TB12 academy, whatever it is he's doing. I played two rounds of golf over the weekend and I got sore ankles and can barely walk around. I'm sitting here and looking at Tom Brady at 42, looking like he's 32, playing like he's 28 and just tearing it up," DeOssie said Tuesday. "There's something to it, whatever it is. It works for him. There's something different here. In all credit to a guy like Brees, who is just a few years behind him, but whatever he's doing is working too, but Tom Brady seems to have a formula. He likes it so much, he wants to share it with everybody else. I haven't seen anything like it. I've seen guys in the league close to that age that are kind of hanging on."

It's not all about TB12 and how he stays in pristine shape. The NFL has changed over the years. 

"The other part of that equation is you're not over the last 10, 11 years or so, you're not allowed to beat up the quarterbacks like you used to and guys like Brady and Brees don't have to take the beating an Elway or Montana or Marino would get," DeOssie said. "There's something to say about that. You're not taking those hits that guys one generation before this took. That helps too. I'm not sitting here telling you it's all the TB12 method. The owners are right to do it. You're protecting in most cases the face of the franchise. You got $100 million plus invested in the face of the franchise, why would you let a half million dollar defensive end ruin that and take him out for the season? It doesn't make sense. It's a combination of things. It's what he does, how he trains, how he approaches the game, how he studies. I think that's the vast majority of it and I think a little bit of it is that it's a safer league for quarterbacks now."

Brady and the Pats should have a good chance to get to 2-0 when they go to Miami and take on the lowly Dolphins Sunday.