Bob Stoops Reflects On Joe Mixon Incident

In 2014, Stoops gave Mixon a second chance; would he do the same today?

Reiter Than You
September 24, 2019 - 9:35 pm
Bob Stoops Joe Mixon Oklahoma Sooners

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In 2014, Joe Mixon punched a woman, Amelia Molitor, in the face, breaking her jaw in the process. Then-Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops suspended Mixon for an entire season. Some folks thought the punishment was appropriate; others felt it wasn’t enough.

Stoops, 59, reflected on that saga Tuesday on CBS Sports Radio.

“First of all, he was punished – maybe not to the level that everybody determines needs to be, and I understand that,” Stoops said on Reiter Than You. “At the time that it happened, it was a violent situation that occurred. There’s a lot to take in. Ultimately, he had a horrific reaction in a violent situation and was punished for it – and again, not to the level everyone thinks he should have been, and I understand that. But these guys, when you work with them every day, you think you know their character and what they are.”

Stoops discussed Mixon’s transgressions in a new book, “No Excuses: The Making of a Head Coach.”

“I’m not defending anybody,” Stoops said. “I said it in the book that in today’s world, there would be no giving a guy a second chance. I did. After a full year of being removed from every part of the team – every part – wasn’t even allowed to walk in the weight room for the entire season. So he was punished. In the end, I gave a kid a second chance who was 18 years old, and the guy’s never had a problem after it and never had a problem before it. 

“So in the end, I just felt he was a guy that I could do it with, to give a second chance,” Stoops continued. “But I understand. I never want to be somebody to give off the appearance that I’m – no one’s for violence against women whatsoever. And again, the penalty was there, maybe not to the degree people wanted it to be.”