Wilcots: Gurley Situation Is "Very Alarming"

Todd Gurley reportedly has an "arthritic component to his knee," which could make him a week-to-week proposition next season, Solomon Wilcots says

The DA Show
June 18, 2019 - 11:59 am

Todd Gurley might be the best running back in football – or was until the end of last season. Gurley played sparingly – or not at all – as the Rams made their way to the Super Bowl, and his trainer, Travelle Gaines, confirmed Monday that Gurley has an “arthritic component to his knee,” which Gaines said is “part of every surgery.”

Is it, though? Or is Gaines’ admission alarming?

“It’s very alarming,” former NFL safety and current analyst Solomon Wilcots said on The DA Show. “I do a lot of work in pubic relations with life-science companies and biotech companies, and a lot of them are orthopedic specialists, and we have conversations about just what it means to have cartilage repair.”

Gurley tore his ACL at Georgia in 2014, recovered fully and had All-Pro seasons in 2017 and 2018. Late last season, however, his production waned and he missed time.

“Typically, they go in, they scope you and they remove portions of your cartilage,” Wilcots explained. “When he had the injury at the University of Georgia, he tore his ACL. Whenever you tear the ACL, you always have at least some form of cartilage damage. Typically what happens is they are removing the dead tissue, and they continue to go back in and remove it. As you keep playing, they continue to go in and remove it until you have nothing left – until you’re rubbing bone-on-bone.”

Rubbing bone-on-bone, to be clear, is not good.

“Then you have a bone bruise that takes you out of the mix,” Wilcots explained. “One day you’ll look like you’re great; the next day, not so great – and maybe not even able to play. Kind of like what we saw with Todd Gurley at the end of last year. So I think it’s a week-to-week thing.”

The Rams haven’t been entirely forthright about Gurley’s knee, but Wilcots says there’s a reason for that.

“Due to HIPAA laws, they’re prevented from really talking about Todd Gurley’s medical condition,” he said. “Only he can stand in front of a microphone and tell you what the real condition is with his knee. The team’s not allowed to do it. That’s why a lot of the injury stuff that you see around the NFL is sacred. They have to keep it hidden from the public eye. One, they don’t want to give the competition a leg up – no pun intended here. Secondly, they’re forbidden by HIPAA laws to disclose anyone’s medical condition.”