Up The Gut Week 11: Why Are You Mad At Le'Veon Bell?

Bell is doing what he feels is best for his life, Shaun Morash says, so why are so many fans rooting for him to fail?

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November 16, 2018 - 9:10 am

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By Shaun Morash

Cold Open

The NFL finally got something right in moving the Chiefs-Rams match up of the year off horrendous playing conditions in Mexico City. Far too often the NFL ignores the obvious right thing and looks out selfishly for its own pockets. In the case of what looks to be the matchup of the year, the NFL is opting to give up its last International Series game and play it back in LA.

Could you imagine if Patrick Mahomes, Jared Goff, Tyreek Hill, or dare I say Todd Gurley went down with a troubling knee injury because of slipping on that surface? The NFL would face the most heat it had faced since the Ray Rice video leaked. With that would have come pressure to stop these silly international games altogether. The NFL saved face, had foresight, and realized how the risk-reward did not add up.

Now Monday Night fans get a treat, a game played on a good field, in front of real fans, many of whom are first responders being rewarded for their hard, difficult work over these last two weeks. The only down side? We still get Booger McFarland on his hover craft. 

Ten Yard Gain

1-The Le'Veon Bell saga in 2018 has ended. Only time will tell whether Bell made the right decision in "healing his body," to prolong his career at a position where far too many backs decline far too quickly. However, what I will never understand is the fans and outsiders who are now crushing Bell harder in anger hoping he fails. It isn't your money or your life, so who are you to be so angry with him?

2-The Patriots continue to be exposed. Now three losses, versus three familiar foes, and currently they sit in a position where they would not have a bye week in the playoffs. However, as has been pointed out on The DA Show time and time again, the weak AFC East may be there to bail the Patriots out. Four of the Patriots final six games will be played versus the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins. Meaning it would still take a lot of Steeler success, including a head-to-head matchup later.

3-Marvin Lewis rehiring Hue Jackson is too good not to laugh at. The Bengals became the first team in the Super Bowl era to allow 500 yards of offense in three straight games, prompting the firing of defensive coordinator Teryl Austin. The solution? Have Marvin Lewis be more hands on with the defense and allow Hue Jackson, who has proven has no clue how to win football games, be of assistance to Marvin Lewis in running the team. Yeah, my money isn't on the Bengals to hold onto that last Wild Card spot. 

4-The Saints are the first team this season to prove they are truly championship-worthy. Yes it was those Bengals I just spoke of, but after an emotional win to take control of the top seed in the NFC it would have been very easy for the Saints to do what is all too custom in the NFL, have a letdown game on the road the following week. Instead, the Saints piled up 51 points and seem to only be getting stronger. That is a championship team. 

5-The Dallas Cowboys "have a chance to be remembered for a long time," according to Jerry Jones who said so on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. Yes, those 4-5 Cowboys. The win in Philadelphia was a big one, but Jerry has painted himself into a corner of being a hypocrite. If this team doesn't become anything special, which I think we can all agree on that they won't, doesn't Jerry have to call into question Jason Garrett as to not living up to Jones' expectations? 

6-Did Dez Bryant just come home from war or tear his Achilles? I admire how much Dez is respected around the league, and after sitting out, only to have his Achilles pop in practice, many were upset and rightfully so. But did we need multiple players "throwing up the X" after big plays Sunday? Is he the only NFL player to suffer a season-ending injury? My goodness, stop it already. 

7-Capitalizing on Dez Bryant's injury is Brandon Marshall. Another former star on his last legs of his career, after fizzling out with the Seahawks earlier this season. He has now signed on with the Saints. One interesting note, Marshall, after a lengthy and notable career has never once been on a playoff team. Now he finds himself not only a lock for the playoffs, but with a real chance at a Super Bowl ring. 

8-Is Matt Patricia one-and-done in Detroit? What an ugly season for a team that had true playoff hopes after drafting Kerryon Johnson to boost its previously awful rushing attack. The Lions haven't seemed ready to answer the bell on game day, looking unprepared and disinterested in many games. There was a reason Belichick walked on water to not lose Josh McDaniels but Matt Patricia wasn't given a second thought. Maybe just like player's Belichick gets rid of a year too early, Belichick may have known the defensive wizardry was more on his shoulders than the rocket scientists. 

9-Andrew Luck is back. Perhaps it is too little too late for a Colts playoff push in 2018, though a win over the Titans on Sunday may change that narrative, but the Luck that was on the cusp of being a true elite quarterback before shoulder injuries derailed his last two seasons is back. It was never more evident than his feeds to Eric Ebron in beating the Jaguars at home. Many, including myself, questioned why Indianapolis had him throw the ball so much so early this season and yet it seems to have no ill-effect. A great Luck is good luck for this league moving forward. 

10-The Raiders seem to be a virtual lock for the first overall pick. With the Giants victory in San Francisco, and the Raiders losing yet another game by double digits, it seems to be a near certainty the Raiders could be every bit as bad as the Browns of the last two seasons. However, will Derek Carr be casted off for a quarterback such as Justin Herbert when the time comes in April? Based on Jon Gruden's current track record, I would bet on that. 

Five Games to Chew On

5-Titans @ Colts: The Colts playoff chances seem laughable, unless of course they win this game at home vs a Titans team who just stepped all over, and then stepped all over again the corpse of the Patriots. This could be a letdown spot for the Titans, but they are the better team. How fun would a late-November and December run by Andrew Luck be for the league?

4-Texans @ Redskins: A pair of first-place teams, each of which in the weakest divisions in football this season. DJ Swearinger, former Texans safety, hasn't stopped talking about his hatred for Bill O'Brien. Can the red-hot Texans take care of business on the road? Josh Norman has called out the Washington home fans, acknowledging how much better the team plays at home. Will this be a big letdown game at FedEx Field?

3-Eagles @ Saints: The Eagles come in at 4-5 and limping with injuries, particularly in the secondary. They are like raw meat heading into a lions cage in New Orleans. If the Eagles want any of us to believe in the 2018 version, they at least put up a fight here. The Saints can't play at this pace all season, can they? We'll learn a lot about both these teams Sunday. 

2-Vikings @ Bears: A game so juicy, it was flexed to Sunday Night. It is separate-yourself-from-the-pack night for the Bears at home in the NFC North. Are they for real? A win would distance themselves just a bit in this division. The Vikings however seem to have gathered themselves a bit defensively. Can they complicate looks against Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears, who are finding themselves more and more each week? 

1-Chiefs @ Rams: As mentioned in the Cold Open, this is matchup of the year. Thankfully back in LA where the crowd, many of whom can't usually attend a game, will be rocking. If you like offense or, heck, pinball, this will be your game. Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff slinging it. Can the Rams defense, the obvious better defense of the two, do enough to slow Mahomes and company and make the declaration the NFC has the two best powerhouses in football, they and the Saints?

My Picks

A huge 3-0 week has us at 17-12-1, truly making money. For this week:

Jaguars +6 vs Steelers: Le'Veon Bell is gone for good in Pittsburgh, so the Steelers, who have won five straight games, should be able to put controversy behind them and keep this ship righted upwards. What has prevented the Steelers in recent years from getting to Super Bowls? Untimely losses out of nowhere. The Jaguars can point to last year's playoffs and the win they got over the Steelers to rekindle good feelings during this disastrous 2018. Six points is too many on the road. Pittsburgh is on upset alert. 

Saints -9 vs Eagles: The Eagles injuries in their secondary piled up to the point they allowed Dak to drive right down the field in their own building and beat them. Imagine what Drew Brees can do in his building? After 500 yards of offense versus the Bengals, the Eagles will have their hands full, and frankly that offense hasn't clicked all year that they can keep up in a track meet here. Lay the points and don't think twice here. 

Vikings +2.5 @ Bears: The Bears are the good team in 2018 I just don't quite respect yet. Their defense is humming, and Mitchell Trubisky is getting better weekly with Matt Nagy leading the way. They aren't good enough yet to run away in this division, and the Vikings defense can travel outdoors in cold weather. The Vikings have gotten big-boy wins the last two years, and this is a spot where they will get one again. Chicago will get to Kirk Cousins, but doesn't make enough plays on offense in this one. 

Football Food of The Week

Bacon Wrapped Kielbasa. You want to get fat? Let's get fat. A Polish Pig meets an American Pig in this salty delight. Sprinkle in some brown sugar to give the salt and sweet taste that makes your mouth tremble. I have attached the perfect recipe to start training your body for the Thanksgiving food rush coming in mere days. 

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