Up The Gut Week 9: Packers Wasting Aaron Rodgers

Brett Favre only winning one Super Bowl is "almost criminal," Shaun Morash says, and Aaron Rodgers could suffer the same fate

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November 01, 2018 - 10:03 am

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By Shaun Morash

Cold Open

Sunday’s loss is another notch on the Fire Mike McCarthy belt in Green Bay. Though Ty Montgomery spoke at his locker Monday and claimed he didn’t disobey coaches’ orders not to run a kick out of the end zone (one he fumbled and never allowed Aaron Rodgers a chance at winning the game), it didn’t change that this comes down to McCarthy.

If McCarthy did not tell Montgomery to sit on it in the end zone, it is a terrible job; if he did and a player ignored him, it is equally as bad. One thing is for sure, the allure of McCarthy’s Super Bowl is closing in on a decade old, and the Packers seemingly continue to waste Aaron Rodgers' prime years. If this season comes up empty with no postseason, a change should be made before it is too late. Brett Favre only winning one Super Bowl is almost criminal in hindsight. Do Packers fans want to look back at an even better quarterback they were gifted and have the same ring results?

Ten Yard Gain

1-Don’t look no, but Pete Carroll’s master plan for the Seahawks is actually working. Casting off of aging defensive players, many of whom reportedly did not like Russell Wilson – or at least the way he was handled – had many thinking Seattle would flop and not be able to build around the now high priced Wilson. Instead, the Seahawks are winning big road games and very much a true playoff contender.

2-Hue Jackson fired in Cleveland. Todd Haley fired in Cleveland. Now go get Lincoln Riley in Norman. Riley with his former quarterback Baker Mayfield is an obvious marriage, and although the stability and money in Oklahoma may be too much to leave behind, selling Riley that he could become the next Sean McVay in the NFL, only with actual experience with his young quarterback in Mayfield, may be just enough to put the finishing touches on a long Browns rebuild.

3-The weapons the Jets have rolled out for Sam Darnold are laughable. On paper it looked ok to start the season, but mediocre guys like Jermaine Kearse, Robbie Anderson, and more aren’t enough to help a young quarterback with a leaky offensive line. If they weren’t all in on Amari Cooper at the deadline, it is understandable, but their first-round pick should be at wide receiver, whomever that may be.

4-Was Sunday Eli Manning’s final home game as a Giant? If it wasn’t, there is only one suitable excuse: the organization plans on pre-announcing when his last home game will be so fans can give their two-time Super Bowl MVP a proper sendoff. If that isn’t their plan, this organization is at its lowest point of cluelessness ever. This is a rebuild. They won’t be great again with Eli. Accept it and move on. Though the Kyle Lauletta arrest, I'm sure, will be a convenient excuse.

5-Jameis Winston’s time in Tampa Bay is all but over. Ryan Fitzpatrick again is the starter, now cooling DeSean Jackson’s trade requests too. Winston isn’t done in this league, as his raw talent that made him the first overall pick will be too much for a team this offseason to not want to take a look at. Perhaps a move north to Jacksonville is in order this March? I am not sure “Eating the W’s,” will work in a pre-game huddle with Jalen Ramsey, though.

6-Has a potential NFL free agent played their cards worse than Le’Veon Bell has? After not showing up during the bye week as many expected, Bell watched James Connor run through the Browns like Rudolph through the night on Christmas Eve. The Steelers and Bell don’t need each other, but why would any team look at the value teams get in late running backs in the draft, like Connor, and want to overpay Bell?

7-Credit the Texans for going "all in" in replacing Will Fuller in their hunt for the playoffs and beyond by acquiring Demaryius Thomas. Though obviously different kinds of receivers, Thomas has not had a legitimate quarterback since Peyton Manning and should benefit with DeAndre Hopkins on the outside. 

8-The machine that is the Carolina Panthers keeps gaining steam, the latest notch being a big win over the Baltimore Ravens. They can win tight, they can punch you in your mouth, and they can come back. Don't be so quick to assume a Rams-Saints NFC Championship Game, as long as Cam and the cats are lurking. 

9-The NFL has added another London game to their series next year, now up to four. Way to take another game away from American fans here and the vendors and anyone else at whatever home stadium will now lose another game. Was adding another really that crucial for growth?

10-​On a funny night, Bills fans continue to be the best. They are loud even when the team sucks and is playing a team they know they cannot beat on a Monday Night. Not only that, for a second noted time they threw a marital toy onto the field, does it get any funnier and classic than that? Never change, Buffalo. 

Five Games to Chew On

5) Chargers @ Seahawks: The Chargers remain just one game back in the loss column of the Chiefs in the AFC West, a team nobody is talking about, probably because it feels like they no longer even have any fans since their move to L.A. The Seahawks come home after a monster win in Detroit and are very much alive in the NFC Playoff picture. This is a game those with an East Coast bias might not think too highly of, but both teams feel like legitimate playoff powerhouses as we close out the first half of the regular season.

4) Titans @ Cowboys: Monday Night in BIG D has the Cowboys off a bye week and the Titans off their bye week, both with head coaches feeling the heat after questionable decisions in Week 7. The Titans players though have to respect Mike Vrabel going for two in London, while not everyone in the the Cowboys locker room must love their lack of aggression in playing for overtime vs Washington. Dallas' front seven has created problems for weak offensive lines, and that is exactly what the Titans unit has looked like thus far.

3) Steelers @ Ravens: Still one of the most fun rivalries in the NFL, especially when both teams are playoff-caliber. The Ravens beat the Steelers by double digits in September and now get Pittsburgh in their building, but Baltimore is reeling from two losses to the Saints and Panthers. James Conner continues to make Le’Veon Bell feel irrelevant. Sweeping in this series feels impossible, but Baltimore is on the ropes.

2) Packers @ Patriots: The Ty Montgomery drama hit Green Bay hard this week, but Tom Brady could hit their defense harder. Green Bay came out scheming the Rams perfectly off of a bye week and still fell short. Having to fly back to the East Coast for a primetime game versus the Patriots off that loss won’t be easy, but this could be the last time we see both Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady on a field at the same time. For that alone, it is worth the price of admission.

1) Rams @ Saints: The 1 seed in the NFC is on the line. With a Rams win, they basically will lock that puppy up; a Saints win, and the conference becomes a collision course between these two foes. Aaron Brooks and Kurt Warner aren’t walking through the door, but Drew Brees and Jared Goff are even sweeter.

My Picks

An ugly 1-2 week has me at 12-11-1 on the season. For this week:

Bears -8.5 at Bills: Next up Nate Peterman, again for the Bills. The endless quarterback carousel in 2018 continues in Orchard Park. A turnover-prone quarterback versus a vicious pass rush and a turnover-generating defense? Yes, not a recipe for success. Throw in the fact that this is a short week in Buffalo and this smells like a game the Bears totally command come the fourth quarter. Winning this game by 10 should be the lock of the week for Chicago. 

Chiefs -8 @ Browns: A week of instability and change in Cleveland will leave the locker room with questions, but maybe some relief. Pound-for-pound, these two teams' talent level aren't on the same level. The Browns will ultimately benefit from dumping Hue, but in a game where they will need to score with Patrick Mahomes, having five days to prepare without the top two guys previously in charge of your offense simply isn't enough time. It will be a long afternoon for the Dawg Pound. 

Packers +5.5 @ Patriots: ​The witch is dead in Green Bay as Ty Montgomery has been shipped out. This will be Aaron Rodgers first and likely only trip to Foxboro. The Packers showed in a loss they still have the goods on offense, and one of the biggest farces this year has been New England's defense. This game has shootout written all over it. Expect a tight game with a field goal winning it either way, ultimately as Green bay proved a week ago, giving Aaron Rodgers too many points on a spread is always a mistake. 

Football Food of The Week

Chili Cheese Pigs in a Blanket. Look, I am not going to lie, I feel like in a past season we have gone down this road before, but last Sunday reminded me of just how special a treat this can be. Simply make your favorite taco dip recipe, I go traditional with a bottom base of cream cheese, topped with Hormel Chili, topped with Taco cheese, and baked for 10 minutes in the oven. Also, make your favorite pigs in a blanket recipe. I go traditional Pillsbury Crescent rolls and Nathans mini franks. Bake those like you normally would.
What you end up forming here is the simplest of Super Teams appetizer style, both fitting nicely under your salary cap. Rather than dip the pigs in mustard or ketchup – what is this, 1996? – you dip them in your delicious, cheesy and chili-filled taco dip. Mini Cheese Dogs, take that for data!

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