Willingham: Bull Riding Is The Best Hangover Cure

A hangover. A 2,000-pound animal. What could go wrong?

The DA Show
November 28, 2018 - 10:57 am

USA Today Images

Professional Bull Rider Sean Willingham dropped by The DA Show to discuss his life, career, and riding while hungover.

That’s right. Willingham used to ride a 2,000-pound animal while hungover.

“It’s the best hangover cure there is, I’ll tell you that,” he said in studio. “But I used to ride better with a hangover. That was just in my head. It’s definitely not true in any way, but I used to think that – I guess because my hangover would go away very quick. All that adrenaline running, it cures you. You can feel like you just need to roll over and die, and then you go get on a bull and you feel perfectly normal again. It was kind of crazy.”

Willingham, 37, has been riding bulls since he was 15. He no longer drinks the day before events.

“I try not to do that anymore now that I’m older,” he said. “But when I was younger, I used to tell everybody, ‘I ride better when I’m hungover.’ I won a couple major events (that way). The first major event I ever won, I didn’t remember it for like two days later. Then I woke up and I’m like, ‘Man, I won that bull ride this weekend. Holy cow, I won $56,000, and I don't even remember it. That’s amazing.’”

Willingham, a Georgia native, has suffered a litany of injuries while riding – everything from a dislocated hip to a broken neck to a torn groin.

The torn groin was the most painful.

“I would say so,” he said. “The neck, it never really hurt. I had some pain in my shoulders. But by far I would say the groin injury and then going through the surgery after that groin injury, I was out for a whole year of competition. That’s the longest I’ve ever been away from the sport with any injury. It hurt. Pain-wise, it wasn’t bad, it was just aggravating and it took it a long time to heal and to get it back strong enough to be able to ride these animals again.”