Conn: Russell Wilson Will Pick Ravens Apart

The Ravens can't seem to generate a pass rush; fortunately for them, the AFC North is the worst division in football

October 18, 2019 - 10:09 am
Russell Wilson Seahawks

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The Baltimore Ravens (4-2) face the Seahawks (5-1) in Seattle this Sunday, and at least one person in Baltimore sees that game going, well, not great.

“I think Wilson is going to pick them apart,” Baltimore’s “The Fan” host Jeremy Conn said on Ferrall on the Bench. “Watching this defense, we questioned it for a while because we’re so used to – and probably a little spoiled – with having a great defense. You come into the season and you just don’t have a pass rush. We kept wondering was it the cornerbacks? They had three starting guys in their secondary go out, but there’s no pass rush whatsoever.”

The Ravens have won their last two games, beating the Steelers 26-23 and the Bengals 23-17. But they didn’t have much luck pressuring Mason Rudolph and Andy Dalton.

“Cincinnati has been just dreadful at stopping people from getting to the quarterback, and this past week the Ravens only got to them twice,” Conn said. “I don’t see how they’re going to be able to do anything against them, whether they run man or zone. I think Russell is going to pick them apart.”

Of course, even if the Ravens lose in Seattle, they’ll still be in good shape in the division. The Browns (2-4), Steelers (2-4) and Bengals (0-6) are a combined 4-14.

“I wasn’t as bullish on the Browns as everybody else was,” Conn said. “I thought they’d be good, but not this 12-4 team. To me, it seemed like too big of a leap for them to make. I’m really surprised at how poorly Baker Mayfield is playing. The Steelers have had a ton of injuries. If Big Ben was healthy, I think they’d have a better record. . . . It’s going to be interesting in the AFC North. It’s probably the weakest division along with the NFC East in football, but somebody’s got to win it.”