Scalabrine: Media Let LeBron Off The Hook

From the broken-hand claim to seemingly quitting in Game 4, James shouldn't have gotten a free pass, Scalabrine said

The DA Show
June 19, 2018 - 12:12 pm

USA Today Images


Former NBA champion and current Celtics analyst Brian Scalabrine has a lot of respect for LeBron James. In fact, he thinks James is the second-greatest player of all time.

But Scalabrine doesn’t like everything James does, including his decision to wear a cast on his right hand during a postgame press conference after losing in the NBA Finals. 

“The media, you guys let him off the hook a little too much,” Scalabrine said on The DA Show. “LeBron, you got a cast on. What’s happened? Why not this question: ‘LeBron, you didn’t really try in the second half of Game 4. What happened?’ . . . He said he pretty much had a broken hand. I can respect LeBron as a brilliant player, but he does a lot of goofy stuff.”

Scalabrine also doesn’t like how James is handling this offseason.

“He’s not telling the Cavs whether he’s coming back or not heading into the Draft with the eighth pick,” Scalabrine said. “Come on. . . . To me, it’s just messed up that he’s not communicating with the Cavs. If you’re LeBron and you’re in with the Cavs, you’re saying, ‘Hey, I really like this player. Here’s what I want to do. Can we trade the 8th pick to get so-and-so?’ 

“But when a trade doesn’t work out, somehow, some way, LeBron has no idea it went down?” Scalabrine continued. “LeBron was blindsided by the Kyrie Irving trade. So he had no idea Kyrie was going to get traded? Right now you got to be communicating. If you are all-in on the Cleveland Cavaliers, you’re like, ‘What can we do with this eighth pick?’”

That alone should tell Cleveland that James is likely gone.

“He’s going to L.A.,” Scalabrine said. “Where else? Unless he opts into his deal and gets traded to Houston, that would be the only other scenario.”

Scalabrine added that James could have won more titles in Cleveland had he anticipated how great the Warriors would be.

“LeBron’s only mistake when he went back (in 2014) was he did not see the Warriors coming,” Scalabrine said. “He thought he had to beat the Spurs, who just roasted him in the NBA Finals. His mistake was that. He should have thought, ‘How do I beat the Warriors?’ If he would have geared the team towards that, maybe (his Finals record) looks a lot different.”