Amick: Doc Rivers Should Avoid Lakers

Sam Amick explained why remaining with the Clippers would be wise for Doc Rivers

Reiter Than You
March 21, 2019 - 8:21 am
Doc Rivers Los Angeles Clippers NBA

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There is speculation that the Lakers may try to make a run at Doc Rivers this offseason, but if Rivers is smart, he’ll stay in L.A. – with the Clippers, that is.

“They have a plan, and they have assets,” The Athletic senior NBA writer Sam Amick said on Reiter Than You. “And they have a lack of hubris that the Lakers don’t right now and I think is kind of holding them back in Laker-land. I know a good amount about kind of the way things function internally, and I would endorse the Clippers’ way over the Lakers’ way every day of the week when you talk about communication from front office to the coaching staff and even ownership to the front office.”

Indeed, the Lakers’ first season with LeBron James has been a disaster. They are 31-40 and will miss the playoffs for the sixth straight year. The Clippers (42-30), meanwhile, have traded away several stars in recent years but are still a playoff team in a crowded Western Conference.

If the Lakers don’t right the ship next season, changes could be coming.

“There’s been a lot of runway afforded to Magic Johnson because he’s Magic Johnson – and to his credit, he did play a big part in getting LeBron to come to town,” Amick said. “But it’s been messy ever since from the building of the roster to the public pursuit of Anthony Davis to the talking out both sides of your mouth regarding the trade talks of the young guys and which guys were made available and whether or not we should be sensitive to their feelings about being made available. 

“It’s just messy on one side, and the Clippers have been pretty clean,” Amick continued. “They’re having a much better year than the Lakers and also trading away big pieces to get assets for the future. They’re in a great spot.”

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