Sallee: This Is The Low Point For Vols Fans

Tennessee Suffered Loss To Georgia State

The DA Show
September 03, 2019 - 10:24 am
Tennessee Volunteers head coach Jeremy Pruitt during the first quarter against the Georgia State Panthers at Neyland Stadium

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There's very little doubt that any team in college football had a more surprising win than Georgia State did on Saturday, defeating the Tennessee Volunteers 38-30 with quarterback Dan Ellington completing just 11 passes for 139 yards. The win sent Georgia State into hysteria and left Tennessee in disbelief. 

The shocking defeat has CBS Sports' Barrett Sallee debating whether if he was right or wrong when Tennessee appointed Jeremy Pruitt to be the team's head coach in 2017. Sallee joined Damon Amendolara's "The DA Show" to share how concerned he is with the state of the Volunteers' football program.

"I thought Jeremy Pruitt was the right guy for the job when he got hired. I did not think they should've hired Greg Schiano, but after what happened against Georgia State, I certainly have my doubts about Jeremy Pruitt," Sallee said.It's not just the loss although that's inexcusable, it's the fact that if you look at him on the sidelines, he looked very disinterested. He looked distant. At one point, they had to go try to find him because he was nowhere to be seen during the game. In fact, he was kind of hidden inside of a defensive huddle. That part of it was alarming. There was no sense of urgency. There was no emotion. Nothing."

Vols fans have the right to be upset losing to Georgia State, who finished 1-8 in the Sun Belt Conference last season. Sallee says he's never seen a reaction like this from Tennessee fans before.

"Look, I live in SEC Country. I know a lot of Tennessee fans," Sallee said. "This is as low as I've ever seen that program because they feel like there is no escape. For 10 years, fans of this program that has been the most dysfunctional program in college football and it just keeps getting worse. It's like there is no rock bottom for Tennessee. It's like this never-ending pit of misery."

What's the best case scenario for Pruitt and the Vols? Sallee is being cautiously optimistic, but stresses the tall task at hand moving forward into the season.

"Best case scenario is still a bowl game," Sallee said. "The schedule is still relatively easy. It's still, I guess in theory attainable. They definitely have to beat BYU this weekend for that to happen. But I think six wins at most is where they'll be and quite honestly, I have a hard time painting a picture in which that happens.

"They'd have to improve on both lines of scrimmage and I don't know if they can do that just because the talent is not there. I guess if you had to create an upside, six wins would be it but you would have to win basically all of your toss ups of which there aren't that many based on what we saw and then spring an upset or two. That's going to be easier said than done for that group."

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