Bushrod: "I Didn't Leave The House" After NFC Championship

Jermon Bushrod reflected on the Saints' NFC Championship loss – and the non-call that cost him a chance at a second Super Bowl

The DA Show
May 23, 2019 - 10:53 am

Jermon Bushrod has won a Super Bowl – with the Saints, in fact. He knows what that experience feels like, and he wanted to experience it again this past season. But he didn’t – in part because of a missed call in the NFC Championship Game.

Bushrod hasn’t quite gotten over that non-call. Heck, he might never get over it.

“You’re always going to have some kind of bitterness whenever you think about it,” Bushrod said on The DA Show. “You got to understand the situation that we were in, and there’s a ton of hard work and a lot of focus that gets put into every single year. When you have an event like that happen, it’s pretty devastating for your team at that moment. But as of right now, you just got to put things into perspective and understand that we would have loved to have that opportunity – I would have loved to have that opportunity at the end of my 12th year to have a chance at a Super Bowl – but it didn’t happen. It is what it is.”

The NFL responded with rule changes to the league’s replay system.

“Unfortunately, it came on our expense, but fortunately for the league – since the rule has been changed – it shouldn’t happen to anybody else,” Bushrod said. “It sucks that it came on our behalf. It was a little tough to deal with a few days after it happened. I didn’t leave the house, didn’t eat too much, because it was devastating for our team and for us individually. But it is what it is now.”

Bushrod, if you’re curious, did not watch the Super Bowl. In fact, he watched the Boycott Bowl with fans.

“I was out there with the whole Boycott Bowl,” he said. “Me and my wife, we just kind of sat down and just watched the fans just embrace not watching it. It was kind of fun to not really be a part of it, but just to see it. It was a huge party in the city of New Orleans that day. That just goes to show you the type of resiliency that that region has.”