Saints LB on COVID-19: “We all have to do our part”

Alex Anzalone believes the NFL will finish the season, but everyone – especially players – have to follow the rules

Zach Gelb
October 08, 2020 - 1:27 pm
Alex Anzalone Saints

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The Tennessee Titans broke NFL protocols last Wednesday, holding workouts at Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville, as team facilities were closed due to positive COVID-19 tests.

Saints linebacker Alex Anzalone understands why the Titans felt a need to work out, but he also understands why it likely wasn’t the best decision.

“It’s obviously tough as a player,” Anzalone said on The Zach Gelb Show. “As a competitor, you want to be ready for your next game and be in shape and really stay healthy. Obviously it’s kind of a health risk, too, not practicing or not being in your routine for a few days or a week or whatever it was and then potentially trying to play a game. So you have that standpoint, and then you have the standpoint of people are dying from this disease, from this virus, and we got to stop this community spread. If we want a successful season, we have to get a handle over this. There is a little gray area, but you have to follow the rules, and if they say don’t get together outside of the facility, don’t do it.”

The Titans’ Week 4 game with the Steelers was rescheduled for Oct. 25. While more games will likely be postponed or rescheduled due to COVID-19, Anzalone believes the league will find a way to finish the season.

“I’m pretty optimistic,” he said. “I think that the league can get a season in. If all hell breaks loose and there’s crazy outbreaks across the league, they’re going to have to do what they have to do. But I’m pretty optimistic about it.”

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Anzalone said that life as an NFL player is pretty basic these days.

“I just come home, watch film, eat dinner with my wife and just hang out and watch TV,” he said. “There’s really not much to do. I think that’s the responsible thing to do. We all have to do our part.”