Saints DE: None Of Us Knew "Mike T" Would Do That

Fans didn't see Michael Thomas' touchdown celebration coming; well, neither did his teammates

Tiki and Tierney
November 06, 2018 - 4:55 pm

After catching a touchdown pass to essentially ice a thriller against the Rams, Michael Thomas pulled out a flip phone from the goal post and pretended to make a call. It was homage to former Saints receiver Joe Horn, who did the same thing in 2003.

None of Thomas’ teammates knew he had planned that.

“I don’t think anybody but Mike T knew that,” Saints defensive end Cam Jordan said on Tiki and Tierney. “I didn’t know anything, but I appreciated the celebration. That was a pretty dope celebration at the end of the day.”

Thomas, who finished with 12 catches for 211 yards, was flagged for a 15-yard penalty, which could have hurt the Saints, but New Orleans won 45-35.

“The team was here for him,” Jordan said. “It was all love all the way.”

The Saints (7-1) have now won a league-high seven games in a row and removed the Rams (8-1) from the ranks of the unbeaten.

“They were exactly what we expected,” Jordan said. “They do a phenomenal job of dressing up the backfield as well as they can, of spreading people out as well as they can, to run the plays that they want to. Todd Gurley, that speaks for itself. He’s running at such a high level, we knew it would take all 11 of us to stop him. He’s a hell of a running back.”

Gurley ran for 68 yards and a touchdown, while Jared Goff finished 28-of-40 for 391 yards, three touchdowns and an interception. 

Jordan, 29, and Goff, 24, both went to Cal. Jordan may or may not have talked a little trash during the game.

“(You’re) proud that (he went to) your alma mater . . . and years from now I hope to still be a hassle in his backside,” Jordan said, laughing. “Luckily I have a GOAT on my team, so I don’t have to talk too much.”

Drew Brees was masterful, finishing 25-of-36 for 346 yards and four touchdowns.

The Saints have come a long way since their season-opening 48-40 loss to the Bucs.

“Nobody wants to start off with an L,” Jordan said. “We come into every game trying to get that win, trying to establish dominance early. (Ryan) Fitzpatrick is a decent quarterback. He came in and played lights out those first couple weeks.”

The Saints play the Bengals (5-3) in Cincinnati this Sunday at 1 p.m. before returning home for games against the Eagles (4-4) and Falcons (4-4).

“I still think we still have time to grow as a defense,” Jordan said. “The more we can complement our offense, the better off we’re going to be when it comes to doing what we want to do this year.”