Russell Wilson Leads Seahawks To Win Over Rams

Wilson was his usual efficient self Thursday night, leading the Seahawks to a 30-29 win over the Rams

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
October 04, 2019 - 11:44 am
Russell Wilson Seahawks

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The Seahawks beat the Rams 30-29 in Seattle on Thursday – in part because of a late defensive stand, but also because of, well, Russell Wilson, who was his usual efficient self. Wilson finished 17-of-23 for 268 yards and four touchdowns.

The first touchdown – a beautiful 13-yard pass to Tyler Lockett – may wind up being the throw, and catch, of the year.

“It’s just remarkable,” Seahawks radio voice Steve Raible said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “His ability to throw guys open, his ability to hit absolutely the smallest windows with receivers – the touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett, there’s only one place on the planet he could have thrown that pass, and that was right into that corner to just allow Tyler to get his toenails down to score the touchdown – and that’s exactly what he did. He does that time and time again. He’s so careful with the ball and yet so accurate.”

Wilson has completed 73.1 percent of his passes for 1,409 yards, 12 touchdowns and zero interceptions this season. He might not win MVP, but he’s absolutely a deserving candidate.

“There are going to be guys that throw for more touchdowns,” Raible said, “but they also don’t have the kind of running game that he has and the kind of balance that we have on offense to run maybe more than we pass. All of that is a good thing, and when you’ve got a guy that’s as competitive – uber competitive – as Russell Wilson, you have a chance in every game.”

The Seahawks face the Browns (2-2) in Cleveland on Oct. 13. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. ET.