Ruiter: Browns' QB Competition "Not Close"

Tyrod Taylor is physically and mentally better than Baker Mayfield

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
June 18, 2018 - 9:16 am

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Baker Mayfield was the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, but don’t expect him to start Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season. No, that honor will in all likelihood go to Tyrod Taylor.

“(Mayfield) does not look like the best quarterback on the field,” Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan reporter Daryl Ruiter said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “And I don’t know if that’s necessarily fair or unfair to judge at this point considering the Browns have already committed to Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback. I guess it’s a good sign that he worked his way up. It appears he is the No. 2 quarterback on the depth chart after starting out as the No. 3. So he has made some progress, but it is clear (he’s not the No. 1).”

The Browns, in fact, have said as much.

“Todd Haley wrapped up their mini camp by just coming out and saying there is a gap between Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield and Baker Mayfield is not on the plus side of that at this point,” Ruiter said. “So it’s going to be Tyrod Taylor’s show, and it’ll be up to Baker to pretty much catch up. I don’t really know how much of a quarterback competition there really is going to be come training camp because the organization has been steadfast in downplaying any type of competition between these two guys.”

Ruiter said that Taylor, who helped the Bills to the playoffs last season, has both a physical and mental edge on Mayfield.

“Tyrod Taylor looks like he’s the better player, and it’s not really close,” Ruiter said. “To be fair to Baker, he’s not getting first-team snaps. He’s not getting to throw to Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry, whereas Tyrod is. Those two players make quarterbacks look very, very good. But at the same time, I think Baker is dealing with the problems that a lot of college quarterbacks deal with these days, and that is a very complex oftense that is drastically different than what they dealt with in college. Todd Haley has a very deep and vast playbook. The game is starting to slow down for him a little bit, but it is clear when I watch him out there that he’s not ready to start Week 1.”

The Browns, who are 1-31 over the last two seasons, open against Pittsburgh on Sept. 9. They follow that with games at New Orleans, against the Jets, at Oakland and against Baltimore.