Rothstein: Reddish Has Fourth-Highest Ceiling In Draft

Cam Reddish isn't the safest NBA Draft option at No. 4, but if you want upside, he's your man

The DA Show
June 20, 2019 - 11:36 am

Barring an unforeseen shocker, the top three picks in the NBA Draft, in order, will be Zion Williamson, Ja Morant and R.J. Barrett.

As for No. 4, well, that’s where things get interesting. The safest option at that point might be Virginia’s De’Andre Hunter, who, “like a queen on a chessboard,” can guard different areas of the floor, CBS Sports college basketball insider Jon Rothstein says.

Hunter, however, does not have the highest NBA ceiling.

“The player in the 2019 NBA Draft that has the fourth-highest ceiling is Cam Reddish,” Rothstein said in studio on The DA Show, referring to the Duke prospect. “Now he’s also the most mercurial prospect in the 2019 NBA Draft. You look at Cam Reddish – and I wondered this all season long. If you took Cam Reddish and you put him on a team that wasn’t Duke – maybe it’s Syracuse, maybe it’s Notre Dame, maybe it’s Georgia Tech – and you regularly featured him at a high level, what would he look like right now?”

Reddish averaged 13.5 points, 3.7 rebounds and 1.9 assists in his lone season in Durham, but he averaged just 8.0 points in the ACC Tournament and 11.0 points in the NCAA Tournament. He also scored just eight points on 2-of-8 shooting in Duke’s season-ending 68-67 loss to Michigan State in the Elite Eight.

“You have somebody who a lot of people wonder if he’s the tin man, if he does not bring it every single night,” Rothstein said. “But with all that said, he still made 89 threes last year, and he was playing not the role of best supporting actor, but he was the third wheel in that cog.”

A few weeks ago, Rothstein spoke to a Western Conference executive who expressed concerns about Reddish.

“He told me some of the same DNA questions that surround Cam Reddish going into tonight surrounded Paul George when he was coming out of Fresno State,” Rothstein said. “He could definitely be the guy who drops.”