Tucker: This Was Worst Patriots Team To Win Super Bowl

All-time great team? Hardly. This wasn't even an all-time great Patriots team, Ross Tucker says

The DA Show
February 04, 2019 - 12:36 pm

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The New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl title Sunday, beating the Los Angeles Rams, 13-3. While the Patriots deserve credit for winning this punt-filled snooze-fest, it’s clear that this was not an all-time great team.

In fact, this wasn’t even an all-time great Patriots team.

“Yeah, I think they really were the worst (Patriots team to win a Super Bowl), even if you go through the first (part of their dynasty),” former NFL player and current SiriusXM NFL Radio analyst Ross Tucker said on The DA Show. “I mean, that first iteration, they played an awesome Rams team, and they had so many good players: Ty Law, (Mike) Vrabel, (Willie) McGinest. I tell people all the time Richard Seymour is the best guy I’ve ever played against. Best defensive lineman I ever played against. I think they were much more talented back then.”

So was Tom Brady, who managed just two touchdowns – and three interceptions – in New England’s three postseason wins. In fact, Brady threw one touchdown or fewer in five of the Patriots’ last six games.

“I was saying it all week: This is the worst Tom had played in years,” Tucker said. “What, 10, 15 years? This is the worst Patriots team they had had in a long time, and yet, once again, they win the Super Bowl. It’s ridiculous.”

Indeed, the Patriots have won three of the last five Super Bowls, often getting key contributions from unheralded players.

“As good as Belichick and Brady are – and I thought they clearly outperformed their counterparts in Sean McVay and Jared Goff – I’ll also say this,” Tucker said. “As a lineman, you always talk about, ‘Hey, it’s the ultimate team sport. It takes everybody.’ Think about Patrick Chung.”

Chung broke his arm Sunday. It could have been a game-changing injury, but it wasn’t.

“(Chung) gets hurt (and leaves) the game,” Tucker said. “Duron Harmon comes in, and they throw the ball deep to Brandin Cooks. Harmon comes over – the ball is in (Cooks’) hands. If Harmon doesn’t come over and knock it out, that’s a touchdown. Then the very next play, (the Patriots) blitz Harmon and he gets in Goff’s face, gets pressure, and that’s the (Stephon) Gilmore pick.”

It was also the ball game. The Patriots bled clock and kicked a field goal to go up two scores with 1:12 to play.

“That’s the beauty of what the Patriots have done,” Tucker said. “We knew who the stalwarts are, but a backup safety making back-to-back huge plays to help them win the Super Bowl? I just don’t feel like you see that much with other organizations.”