Tucker: "I Always Thought Brady Would End Up On Another Team"

Ross Tucker, who played for the Patriots in the mid-2000s, shed some light on the Brady-Belichick dynamic

The DA Show
March 16, 2020 - 9:41 am

The Tennessee Titans were rumored to be a potential destination for Tom Brady. That, however, is no longer the case.

The Titans signed incumbent Ryan Tannehill to a four-year $118 million deal, which includes $62 million guaranteed. 

How does this signing impact Brady?

“I still think it’s Chargers, Bucs or Patriots, and I still think he ends up with the Patriots,” Ross Tucker said on The DA Show. “But I don’t know, man. I was there with the Patriots in ’05 and ’06 until Belichick traded me to Cleveland, and I always thought Brady would end up on another team because he’s just so self-determined. He’s so stubborn that I felt like at some point he would get to this point where he thought he could still play at a really high level and Belichick would no longer think that, and it would get to a point where he’d be of greater value to [another team] than he would be with the Patriots.”

Such a scenario, though, might have more to do with Belichick’s personality than Brady’s ability.

“Belichick is the most cold-hearted, unsentimental guy out there,” Tucker said. “We might be there right now. I thought it would happen earlier. We might be there right now. If I put a dollar on it, though, I’d still put that dollar on him back in New England.”

If Brady, who turns 43 in August, returns to the Patriots, he will likely have to settle for less money than he could get elsewhere.

“I think he can get more money from the Bucs or the Chargers,” Tucker said. “I think that deep down he probably has some reservations about learning a new offense. I know he says he wants to have a lot of control, but does he really want to work with Anthony Lynn and this first-time OC out there? Does he really want to work with Arians? I know Arians is an awesome guy. I don’t know. Look, [Brady] might surprise me, but I think deep down he probably just wants New England to show him a little bit more respect and a little bit more love that I think he feels like he’s earned – either financially or putting a better team around him.”