Tucker: Ravens Are Best Team In NFL – And It Isn't Close

Patriots? Niners? Seahawks? Nope. Baltimore is the best team in football, Ross Tucker says

The DA Show
November 18, 2019 - 1:06 pm

The Baltimore Ravens (8-2) won their sixth straight game Sunday, beating the Texans 41-7. They have won their last four games by at least 14 points and their last two by a combined score of 90-20.

So, who’s the best team in the AFC?

“Oh, it’s the Ravens,” Ross Tucker said on The DA Show. “I do power rankings every Tuesday, and I had the Ravens No. 1 last week. I always go by what I think would happen if these teams played like a three- or a five- or a seven-game series on a neutral site right now, and I have the Ravens as the best team in all of football. The way they’re playing, and the way Lamar Jackson is playing right now, I just don’t think there’s anybody as good as them, I’m not even sure it’s close right now.”

Jackson has been borderline unstoppable for much of the season. He has completed 66.3 percent of his passes for 2,258 yards, 19 touchdowns and five interceptions. He’s also rushed for a team-high 788 yards and six touchdowns. A first-round pick in 2018, Jackson has eight touchdowns (seven pass, one rush) in his last two games and hasn’t thrown a pick since Week 5.

Houston was supposed to provide a stiff test for Baltimore. Instead, the Ravens led 34-0 midway through the fourth quarter.

“The Ravens embarrassed the Texans,” Tucker said. “The Ravens are blowing team away right now. It is unbelievably impressive.”

Defensive coordinators, meanwhile, remain flummoxed on how to stop Jackson.

“There aren’t a lot of good answers to it,” Tucker said. “When the quarterback is part of the run game, even if they’re not carrying the ball, you no longer have that number-count advantage. You’ve got to put that extra guy in the box just to be even. And even when you do that, you’re man-to-man on the receivers. You’re in a bad spot – really bad spot. It’s very, very difficult to defend quarterback-centric run games, and then if the quarterback is going to be hitting the throws against man-to-man coverage like Lamar has, it’s over. It’s a wrap, bro. It’s impossible to defend.”

The Ravens play the Rams (6-4) on Monday Night Football on Nov. 25. Kickoff is at 8:15 p.m. ET.