Rosen: "Absolutely No Doubt In My Mind" I'll Be The Last Quarterback Standing In This Draft Class

Sam Darnold and Josh Allen may get drafted ahead of Josh Rosen, but Rosen believes he'll have a longer career

Tiki and Tierney
April 24, 2018 - 5:14 pm

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Josh Rosen might be the most talented quarterback in this year’s NFL Draft class, but many people have downgraded him because, well, he came from a good background. When Rosen was a freshman at UCLA, he said that he didn’t “need” football the way that some of his teammates did.

It was an honest comment, but it led many to question his desire for the sport.

That, Rosen said, is a mistake.

“The only reason it came up is because I talked about it my freshman year,” Rosen said on Tiki and Tierney. “I talked about how some of my teammates, they don’t have anything to fall back on – and I do. Was I flying first class when I was a kid going everywhere? No. But did I ever have to be worry about whether there was ever going to be food on the table? No. That’s kind of why I said it my freshman year in saying that I don’t absolutely need football. It came from a place of almost heartache for my teammates, seeing them sleep in the team room and having these tough upbringings and sometimes getting taken advantage of by the system. 

“But there are a lot of very successful players in the NFL – Chris Long, the Mannings, the Palmers – that came from very successful families,” Rosen continued. “I don’t think that’s any sort of indication of success at the next level. It was just something that I kind of noted my freshman year in an interview, and I guess a lot of guys took it the wrong direction.”

Rosen was considered by many the top quarterback in the country throughout his college career. Now that he’s competing with Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, and a pair of Heisman Trophy winners, among others, the hype surrounding him has waned. It’s grown stale.

Why is that?

“I’ve been in the spotlight for three years,” he said. “A lot of the other guys in this draft have been in it for a year, year-and-a-half. But just the level of exposure, I’ve just kind of been out there. When I was 18, I didn’t know you really had to have a guard up. I was very honest. I spoke about who I was. The only reason people know my dad’s a doctor and my mom is a journalist is because I said it. Tell me off the top of your head what does Baker’s dad do. I don’t think you’d know. I just didn’t know at 18 years old you had to have you guard up like that – and I learned. I definitely learned. I learned that you don’t change who you are; you just change your messaging and when you say things and how you say things. That’s why I think I’m very prepared to attack this next phase of my life and go on a national stage and be prepared for anything that can come after me.”

Some NFL decision-makers, however, may see Rosen as a problem. They might love his talent, but they don’t love his willingness to speak his mind.

“Aaron Rodgers’ demeanor and how he carries himself is something I absolutely want to model myself after,” Rosen sad. “But maybe Peyton Manning’s social-media, Twitter game isn’t something I want to take after. There’s just a new group of millennials coming up. The world is changing. The idea is not to be scared of it but is to get ahead of it and use it for greater good and to do good things. I actually don’t use (Twitter) very much, but it connects players really well with one another. It connects the NFL to each other, and it allows you to communicate on a much easier and quicker basis.”

Rosen doesn’t think that having an opinion – or a desire to help people – will prevent him having a successful NFL career.

“You have a responsibility to succeed – and you have to do that,” he said. “I’m going to absolutely put every ounce and second of my time into ensuring that I succeed in the NFL, and there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that I’m going to be the last quarterback in this draft class standing when all is said and done years down the road. Absolutely no doubt in my mind. I think you have a duty to your team, but you also have a duty to humankind to be a good person. If you’re going to coop up in some mansion and not do anything with your money and be super quiet, I think you’re doing a disservice. 

“I’m not that special,” Rosen continued. “I just happen to be able to throw a ball very well, and I’m going to make a bunch of money doing it. I think I owe people around the world a little something to try and make someone else’s life a little better – because if they had that arm, I would hope that they did the same for me. The main thing is still the main thing. Football is football, and I will put absolutely everything I have into it. But you kind of have to not forget your duty as a human.”

While Darnold and Allen have both been linked to the Browns, Rosen hasn’t gotten much top-pick love. He has a theory why, too.

“I think the media likes flashy quarterbacks, and I think I’m a boring quarterback,” he said. “I think I sit in the pocket, and I think I deliver the ball where it needs to be. In the NFL, the test of time is to be a quarterback and deliver the ball and get it out as quick as possible. I don’t care how athletic you are; your receivers are more athletic than you. If I have Tiki at running back, I’m not going to tell him to go block and run the ball myself. I’m going to give it to him and let him do what they pay him to do. So it’s a lot of media speculation. I think a lot of these GMs know what they’re doing and sometimes maybe even use media as a mouthpiece for themselves to try and manipulate things one way or another. I don’t really pay attention to it that much. 

“I promise you guys I’ll persevere,” Rosen said. “I feel really good. I just want to have teammates again. I just want to belong to someone.”

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