Ron Hunter: We’re Okay With Wendy’s – As Long As They Let Us Supersize

Eat at a steak house? Nope. Georgia State is back in the NCAA Tournament, and Hunter is once again playing the underdog card

Taz and the Moose
March 13, 2018 - 10:23 am

Photo by Getty Images


Ron Hunter knows what it’s like to be the underdog. In 2015, his Georgia State squad upset No. 3 Baylor, 57-56, in the opening round, this after his son, R.J., drilled a deep three for the win.

Well, Georgia State (24-10) is back in the NCAA Tournament, and Hunter wants his team to play with a chip on its shoulder.

So he’s working to make that happen.

In reference to his team’s upcoming game against No. 2 Cincinnati (30-4), Hunter said the Bearcats will be staying at the Hyatt and eating at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, while his team will be staying at Comfort Inn and eating McDonald’s.

Playing the underdog a card just a bit, are we, coach?

“That’s exactly right,” Hunter said on Taz & The Moose. “A couple years ago, we had the same situation with Baylor. We pulled up and we saw Baylor was staying at the nice place and we had to stay at the Holiday Inn. I kind of got our guys going with that and said, ‘Hey, listen, that’s okay. We got a place to stay, we got a place to eat, but we also got a place to play.’ I got to find every little thing I can find to make sure I get my guys ready to play, but we’re okay.”

Hunter doesn’t discriminate when it comes to fast food, either. He’ll go to McDonald’s, but he doesn’t swear allegiance to the golden arches.

“Wendy’s is okay,” he said. “As long as they let us supersize, we’re okay with Wendy’s.”

In all seriousness, Hunter knows that Cincinnati, which is 23-2 over its last 25 games and won the AAC, will be a tough test. But he isn’t intimidated. Neither are his players.

“We know we’re playing a really good team. I love Mick and what he’s done at Cincinnati,” Hunter said. “But I’ve got a really good team. This is my third team I’ve taken to the NCAA Tournament, and I think this is the best team I’ve taken to the NCAA Tournament, the most talented team I’ve taken. I’m real excited about this group and showcasing this group.”

Sophomore guard D’Marcus Simonds leads Georgia State with 21.1 points and 4.5 assists per game. As for the supporting cast? Five Panthers – Devin Mitchell, Jeff Thomas, Malik Benlevi, Jordan Session and Isaiah Williams – shoot at least 38.3 percent from three. Mitchell, Benlevi and Session, in fact, shoot at least 42.3 percent from deep.

“I loved the group that I had with my son, but again, we had some deficiencies,” Hunter said. “We think this group is well-rounded and I love this group because they play with a chip on their shoulder, and their coach coaches the same way. So we’re going in with a lot of confidence. We have a great deal of respect for Cincinnati, but we’re really ready to showcase our team to the nation.”

Georgia State and Cincinnati square off Friday at 2 p.m. ET. If victorious, Georgia State would play the winner of No. 7 Nevada (27-7) versus No. 10 Texas (19-14) in the Round of 32 on Sunday.